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    Seems 81 years to early
  • The Boys on Amazon

    Was thinking at some point they might reveal that Homelander is the only 'true' Super that was ever born with powers.  That's why he spent his entire childhood as a lab-rat while they developed compound-V from his blood/DNA/etc. 

    That would tie in with his son being only the second person born with powers (assuming they didn't dose him with V like the other children) and why he was taken from Homelander so they could do the same experiments. Homelander has the ability to genetically pass on his abilities where everybody else is just one-and-done with compound-V doses.

    Would be a good play on the idea that all these heroes were 'touched by God' to be made this way, only to find out by the end of the season they were created by a corporation for profit. We find out Homelander is the one true Alpha that really was imbued with powers by the universe and makes him even scarier IMO.

    All the other Supers seem to be younger than him, don't think we've seen anybody definitively older. I think would be a good twist and the show is still set up to go that way if they want.

  • The Boys on Amazon

    Just one question. Why is it called "The Boys?" I'm assuming The Boys are Hughie, Billy Butcher, Mother's Milk and Frenchie, right? Nobody has referred to them as "the boys" in the narrative though. Weird title. 

    It's the worst name ever for a show. I remember months ago seeing the trailer for this play in front of a few movies (during the trailer pre-trailer advertising stuff) and thinking it looked like a fun show to check out, but literally 10 minutes later couldn't remember what it was called... and that happened 2 or 3 times with a couple of those time me actively trying to remember the name, lol

    At one point in the show I think Butcher is on the phone with someone and does say "me 'n the boys" yadda yadda yadda, but that may be me inserting the scene with my personal head canon... 
    JaimieTBloodyTacoken hale
  • SONY Edges MARVEL Out of Future SPIDER-MAN Movies - Report

    looks like the new offer is on the table which seems to cover about the next 15 years of movies... :

    IMO still might get stuck at the 30% profit share part, but probably no doubt some kind of deal gets done at this point. Too many billion$ at stake for even the cockiest CEO to walk away from.

  • The Matrix 4

    I don't even remember what the resolution was.  Except Monica Belluci and Christopher Lambert are in them.  

     lol, I think you mean Lambert Wilson, Chris Lambert is the Highlander guy.