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  • The Mandalorian S2E03

    Mando is our POV character for this show, so anything he needs to learn to move the story forward we will learn also. 

    That being said, the Clone Wars and Rebels really are quite good as a whole and should be on the watch list of any casual SW fan. That feeling you get when watching The Mandalorian of "this feels like Star Wars" that was missing from a lot of the prequel/sequel movies you get from both of those shows. A lot of the creative team is the same people. I'd argue with anyone that the Twilight of the Apprentice episodes in Rebels is possibly the best 45 minutes of SW put to film.

    Beyond that, Ahsoka probably has the best character arc in all SW. She goes from annoying kid to a wise beyond her years bad-ass over the course of 12 years of content and 30 some years of in-universe time passage.

    As far as the podcast, I kinda wish Jim and ARon had some more working knowledge of those properties. It feels a little bit like listening to a podcast on Better Call Saul when the hosts haven't seen Breaking Bad. Some  "I feel like I should know this character, but moving on...". The coverage as a whole is lots of "wasn't it cool when..." which is fine since this show is meant as a fun lighthearted ride, but I think there's some plot analysis and theory crafting being left on the table that the show is leaving the breadcrumbs for.

  • The Mandalorian S2E02

    Dave was the also an x-wing pilot in the  episode when Mando led them back to the base after being double crossed in the prison break episode, which is also what they were asking him about before he cut and ran.

    Anybody else notice the Wizard of Oz reference when he lost the sabbac hand in the cantina and his friend told him "don't cry, you'll rust"? I guess theory confirmed that Dorothy was transported to the star wars universe.

    Dave definitely uses tons of McQuarrie reference in rebels, arguably those same spider creatures (though designed a little different). One of the main characters on Rebels is the original Chewbacca design before Chewbacca became a Wookie. Even the lightsabers and Darth Vader's design follow the original McQuarrie artwork.
  • Retro MAME Arcade machine build

    Heard ARon taking about his arcade project on the last lunch and wanted to toss out the project I've been working on for the last few months:

    Mostly complete at this point with just a few more game libraries I want to load on there. Pretty much everything built from scratch including the marquee and control panel, custom lighting with motion control sensor. So far durability has been good, surviving several rounds of neighborhood kids with nothing broken yet  :)

  • How powerful is Storm front?

    Maybe we'll have a Ned Stark situation where the character we assume has full plot-armor (Homelander) is suddenly killed by a seemingly weaker, but far more devious and manipulative Joffrey Stormfront. I don't think that would happen, but would definitely be another way to mix up the superhero genre if 'Superman' is killed off half-way through the story. 

    During their verbal confrontation in ep4, Stormfront seemed to rise to the level of moderately annoyed vs. an obviously furious Homelander, so not sure what her endgame is if she doesn't at least think she has a shot at taking him.

  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Giovanni said:
    MrX said:
    We're now up to two GOP senators who sold off stocks after a (non-public) COVID-19 briefing in late January. So they were worried enough to protect their financial interest but not do their duty to help protect us from an imminent pandemic. Yikes.
    This is absolutely insane. People in power who are greedy and corrupt, imagine that. Should be forced to resign.

    Congressional insider trading was considered legal in a grey-area kind of way up until 2012 when a law was passed that was supposed to prevent it. After that, congress quietly passed several more laws to make it really hard to track and/or prove. While it didn't make it legal again, it did make it kind of 'unknowable' in the legal sense (even when it's obvious) 
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