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  • Proud Boys

    Alkaid13 said:
    Sir, I am a proud MAN, thank you.
    Yeah actually I’ve always wondered why they went with Proud Boys. I mean never let it be said dumbass racist Neo-fascists have the best naming schemes, but Proud Boys is really the thing they settled on?

    They're named after a song from Aladdin I believe. The far right loves to couch extremist rhetoric in soft sounding tones and imagery so at first glance they don't seem dangerous. It's all plausible deniability, like "we're just a fun social and drinking club" which helps both recruitment because it isn't as scary and to obfuscate what they're actually doing. Like you see all the Pepe the frog shit and a lot of the far right including Qanon people refer to each other as "fren" and "frens" as a baby talk way of saying friend. People instinctively know things like "Atomwaffen" or whatever are probably militant and bad. Imagine if the Proud Boys were called some scary Nordic or German sounding name, the national conversation including the president mentioning them specifically would have been very different.

    It's worth remembering the way people get recruited into something like this. It's (mostly) not a bunch of already radicalized people who were just lying around waiting to pick up guns, they get introduced with much softer rhetoric and are slowly introduced to extremist bullshit. It's part of why memes are such an effective tool for them.
  • General Tomfoolery

    @dee Did you watch Briarpatch? I thought it was a fun twisty show and he's great in it Briarpatch - Episode 1x03 publicity still of Jay R Ferguson
  • What are you playing?

    Borderlands 3 was fine, but it's too much like 2 considering it's been so long since then. It feels like it could have come out in 2013 if BL was a yearly franchise. Even games like Assassins Creed change more year to year than this did over 8.
  • NBA 2021 Thread

    Chinaski said:

    This is either going to be a total train wreck or they're going to decimate the league. Should be exciting
  • MLB 2020

    Cory said:

    Any Pradre love in Santa Cruz?  They've been making moves this off-season, as well.

    This place is somehow 100% A's fans. There are more A's fans on this board than I've ever heard call into local radio.