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    I cannot wait to watch the seahawks run-run-incomplete their way back to 7-9 with some mediocre QB

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    asmallcat said:
    Olbermann has always been trash. 

    I will say, though, one can simultaneously recognize the schadenfreude of republican voters getting exactly what they voted for and realize that 1/3 to 1/2 the voters in those states didn't vote for this and that just being a stupid voter doesn't mean you deserve to die. 

    Also, it's clear that GOP leadership doesn't care because they aren't killing their voters - this stuff always falls on minorities and the working poor the most, and most of that group don't vote republican. 

    To be clear, I am 100% for bashing and clowning on republican leadership and I don't have a ton of sympathy for the  anti maskers and trumpers when they reap what they sow. I just hate the dancing on graves of people because they're from a red state when like you said it's always the poor and marginalized who are hit the hardest.
  • NFL 20/21

    asmallcat said:

    This blows my mind. What is their play here? Just keep hoping it will all blow over? Watson is NOT gonna play for Houston, and like 3/4 of the teams in the league would get substantially better with him on the roster. Now is the time to get max value, dump Easterbee, apologize and start rebuilding. But I guess one wouldn't be an NFL owner if they weren't so sure they were right an everyone else was wrong while simultaneously being dumb enough to fall for a shitty snake oil salesman of a preacher. 

    That's the thing about this mess, it's impossible to apply normal logic to it because there's absolutely no way they should be in this situation in the first place. There is no precedent for the Texans collapse and all of the core reasons for it they've done nothing but double down on. People assume they'll do the rational thing from this point forward but we have no idea what their motivations even are much less what they're going to do. I think given the egos involved it's totally in the cards they call Watson's bluff and make him lose game checks no matter what other teams offer them. It would be dumb and petty as hell, but so is everything else they've done the last year+
  • NFL 20/21

    Chinaski said:
    JJ picked AZ. so much for picking a 'contender'.

    Texans have done more to boost the NFC West than most of the teams in it. Clowney to the seagulls for peanuts, taking Cooks awful contract for the Rams and giving them a second rounder for it, and obviously JJ and Hopkins to the Cards. Now they just need to give Watson to SF to complete the prophecy.

    I just hope this makes Russ hit the gas pedal on leaving Seattle. I still can't imagine that happening but who knows anymore. You gotta think he'd rather play the Lions, Packers, and MN defenses than see Donald, JJ, and Bosa twice each.
  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    It felt fresh since I haven't seen this movie in such a long time. It's fun to look back at how it all started, at the same time the mysteries making a little more sense to ease the viewing.

    I've been rewatching them in release order and I felt the same way about the first Captain America. I've made it to Winter Soldier and the thing that really stands out to me is watching these so closely together with more of a sense of how they all fit together, it really does feel like watching a TV show. Especially with the post credit scenes acting like a "next time on" when you have the next movie sitting right there.