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  • Lord of the Rings reviews

    I would be WAY more excited if I had a PS5 to watch these bad boys on....but yes! Very excited to watch these again. I had actually watched Fellowship right before the fellas did their podcast because I was listening to Season 2 of Newcomers. (Season 1 With Star Wars was way better) Was thinking about doing Two Towers and Return this weekend cause I want to listen to those podcasts!

    Seeing the extended editions though in glorious 4k should be awesome

    I did the same thing with Newcomers, that podcast is great. I used it as a backdoor to get my girlfriend to watch LOTR cause she loves Nicole but once we started watching it turns out she might like those movies even more than I do. We still haven't watched the extended editions so once we eventually get a new TV and can ever come across a PS5 those would be perfect to break it in with.

    I'm sure this has been discussed before but it feels wrong LOTR is in their pulp feed, these are Oscar movies man.
  • NBA 2019-2020 Thread

    It's next year's first but top 20 protected and then it turns into 2 seconds so that's better than I was expecting. You were right it was more about the exception thank god. When jrue holiday is getting the anthony davis deal you never know
  • NBA 2019-2020 Thread

    Cory said:
    Per Woj -

    Klay Thompson - season ending achilles tear

    Fuck. It really sucks to see so much of the title run core's prime wasted like this. Steph is gonna get a lot of shots this year.
  • The Mandalorian S2E03

    @Jim and @A_Ron_Hubbard I very much enjoy this season but starting to worry that NOT knowing the clone cartoons is going to reduce my enjoyment and understanding of the show. Shouldn't the writers explain a backstory if it's important to the current story and not assume we already know it or will watch a video of someone else explaining it? I honestly don't see myself watching the episodes listed above but I find the info about Ahsoka, for example, very interesting and would hate to miss out.

    What's the answer here?
    I'm sure they'll explain anything relevant to Mando's quest. They did a good job explaining what the deal is with the other Mandalorians this episode even if you don't know Clone Wars. The Jedi they mentioned might as well be any Jedi, anyone who hasn't seen the other shows knows as much as Mando does at this point. That there is a backstory to a character doesn't mean you need to know it to enjoy the show you're watching, but it's kind of a bummer cause I was hoping it would be its own thing with only the most basic references to the world rather than specific characters who show up in other Star Wars stuff.
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  • NFL 20/21

    Chinaski said:
    haha Miami has Houston's pick. good ole Bill O'Brien :D

    That's pretty brutal. I kind of expect the Texans to get a few more wins but there's nothing worse as a fan than a season like this where you don't even have your own pick. Combined with whats going on with the Rockets and the Astros being the most hated team in baseball, rough time for Houston sports.