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    asmallcat said:

    This blows my mind. What is their play here? Just keep hoping it will all blow over? Watson is NOT gonna play for Houston, and like 3/4 of the teams in the league would get substantially better with him on the roster. Now is the time to get max value, dump Easterbee, apologize and start rebuilding. But I guess one wouldn't be an NFL owner if they weren't so sure they were right an everyone else was wrong while simultaneously being dumb enough to fall for a shitty snake oil salesman of a preacher. 

    That's the thing about this mess, it's impossible to apply normal logic to it because there's absolutely no way they should be in this situation in the first place. There is no precedent for the Texans collapse and all of the core reasons for it they've done nothing but double down on. People assume they'll do the rational thing from this point forward but we have no idea what their motivations even are much less what they're going to do. I think given the egos involved it's totally in the cards they call Watson's bluff and make him lose game checks no matter what other teams offer them. It would be dumb and petty as hell, but so is everything else they've done the last year+
  • NFL 20/21

    Chinaski said:
    JJ picked AZ. so much for picking a 'contender'.

    Texans have done more to boost the NFC West than most of the teams in it. Clowney to the seagulls for peanuts, taking Cooks awful contract for the Rams and giving them a second rounder for it, and obviously JJ and Hopkins to the Cards. Now they just need to give Watson to SF to complete the prophecy.

    I just hope this makes Russ hit the gas pedal on leaving Seattle. I still can't imagine that happening but who knows anymore. You gotta think he'd rather play the Lions, Packers, and MN defenses than see Donald, JJ, and Bosa twice each.
  • Gina Carano / Disney Star Wars

     I always think about this article from 2018 when "cancel culture" comes up. This article came up again yesterday because the author of this was fired/let go/not given further work or whatever you want to call it from The Guardian for making a pretty mild joke about US financing of Israel on twitter

    A lot of good insights but this stood out to me about the "woke mob"

    I recently pointed out the irony that the supposedly suppressed anti-“political correctness” position is represented at length in numerous books, op-eds, YouTube shows, and TV interviews. But it’s worth noting the other half of this: The social justice position itself is often presented to the public through the voices of its critics rather than its adherents. It’s downright peculiar: When Jordan Peterson talks about “postmodern Marxists” we don’t really hear who they are (other than Adorno, who is dead). When David Brooks or Scott Alexander have written about the silly ideas of racial justice progressives, they have done it by imagining what the activists would say, or paraphrasing. Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment Now strongly criticizes “social justice warriors” for their notions, but while he explains their beliefs he doesn’t really tell us who in particular he’s talking about.

    The “SJWs” often come across as an amorphous, irrational, angry blob, which is undoubtedly how many of their critics see them. For the most part, they don’t seem to have names. I guess there’s Linda Sarsour; I’m told she’s one of them. But I don’t actually hear much from her, even though I can watch a video telling me why she’s a “complete idiot and a vile disgrace” (600,000 views!) or watch Dave Rubin interview someone who is not Linda Sarsour about how terrible Linda Sarsour is. This is strange, not because people who fit the conservative caricature of leftists don’t exist (they do; I’ve met one or two), or because the “anti-free speech” and “irrational” currents of progressivism are a fabrication (I’ve written about them), but because the right’s narrative is that the leftists are the ones who control the culture. If that were true, I would imagine I’d hear Colin Kaepernick talking all the time. But I’m not even sure I even know what Colin Kaepernick’s voice sounds like. Again, though, I could watch multiple interviews in which Dave Rubin talks to people about Colin Kaepernick.

  • NFL 20/21

    They can agree on the trade but it can't be made official until the league year starts in March. They probably wouldn't go back on the deal because nobody would trust them going forward in similar deals, but I don't think anything is stopping them from taking a better offer if they get one before it's official. With the current Texans who the hell knows what they'd do.
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    I was just listening to the soundtrack yesterday! LOVE that game

    This was bouncing around in my head for like 2 solid months after playing that