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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    I think it also just takes a lot of decisions or arguments off the table in terms of what is/isn't open and what reasons people have for being outside. If the idea is there isn't really any sufficient reason to be outside after dark, then just say nobody is allowed after dark rather than trying to figure out what all of those activities are and dealing with them on a case by case basis
  • NBA 2019-2020 Thread

    I think a lot of people will roll their eyes at it but the more I think about it the more it makes sense to me. If not this, then what? Like if their point is this city isn't safe for black people, then why should the NBA set up shop here, even if they're going to put up a bunch of messaging? Does that really hold power to account or does it paint over what they're doing? Especially since it seems like a lot of cops work with the teams for security and things like that, the look of paying these guys while also wagging your finger at them, not sure that really does anything. I don't know if this is going to be an effective way to send the message or if it'll just build resentment, but I think I get what they're going for.
  • NFL 20/21

    Chinaski said:
    haha Miami has Houston's pick. good ole Bill O'Brien :D

    That's pretty brutal. I kind of expect the Texans to get a few more wins but there's nothing worse as a fan than a season like this where you don't even have your own pick. Combined with whats going on with the Rockets and the Astros being the most hated team in baseball, rough time for Houston sports.
  • NFL 20/21

    @asmallcat the offensive explosion this year has been really wild. Just from watching redzone it feels like there are fewer close games than normal, it's been a lot of blowouts and teams catching up in garbage time to make the game seem closer than it was.

    The other side of this is the race for a top 2 pick and Lawrence/Fields is also nuts:

    This years QB class seems like there at least 3, possibly 4 top 10ish picks and to get in the top 10 you're going to need to be really bad. A lot of niner fans are starting to talk themselves into BYU's Zach Wilson and dumping Jimmy's salary to try and keep some of their defensive pieces, but they're probably going to have to move up to get him even with a 6-10 or so record.

    I'm not sure if this is good or not, you can pretty much already name all the NFC playoff teams and there's a pretty distinct list of actual contenders in the AFC. It feels like we're just waiting for this covid and injury ridden regular season to be done with so we can get to the playoffs.

  • Under-the-Radar Cover Songs

    Not sure how under the radar they are but the Like a Version show has a lot of really great performances. I guess its on some kind of Australian radio but I mostly know it through the Youtube channel. Some of the ones I go back to every once and a while: