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  • Just listened to Empire Business - Quite a Pickle

    I’m no published creative, but the first thought I had when someone attached to something like Starburns or Rick and Morty shows up with a contract was: get an agent. 
  • My Star Wars Re-Watch...Please, Join in!

    I think there’s also a distinct quality difference between the different trilogies. The Original trilogy was the easiest story to tell as in that Spinrad criticism I linked to, and the pre and post sequels would be more complicated to do. I think that the quality of writing and formulating wasn’t nearly up to the task of doing something as interesting with these other 6 movies. 

    Ryan and Greenwald on the Watch made a nice point. Rise of Skywalker is redone Return of the Jedi. Remember how Return of the Jedi starts?  At least  half an hour in Jabba’s palace rescuing Han. The galaxy is in crisis, but all the characters and I dare say audience thinks that Han is a super pressing concern. They weren’t even close to having that kind of extended, relatively minor moment on the grand scales about someone the audience cared about in these last movies. Certainly not in this last movie where they didn’t even have the good graces to share Palpatine’s galactic podcasts with us. 

    Also if you showed up cold and watched the new trilogy, would you understand why these old characters are anyone to care about?  Films from 40 years ago are carrying that weight for these movies. Meanwhile Marvel has to show us why we care about all the characters they’re using, which is an advantage for them. 
  • Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker *SPOILER DISCUSSION*

    Finally saw it.  A muddled, confused mess that was disappointing in a different way from the Last Jedi. Have to watch Solo but after enjoying Rogue One and the Mandalorian I am starting to believe that the further away from the Force Star Wars gets, the better it might be. Writing anything beyond the becoming a Jedi Master story seems too difficult.  The writers don't set boundaries and the power creep and magicy magic magic powers just seem to be getting out of hand.  It just sucks too much oxygen out of the rest of the movie, and it really makes one wonder how the universe never knew or so rapidly forgets about these hyper capable Jedi who were involved at the very top of their Old Republic?  

    I hope they take some time and find some new characters and approaches when they make more Star Wars movies.  If I were them I would get Dave Filoni, John Favreau and Kevin Feige together and have a good talk.
  • Succession - HBO

    No Baldies this year, but some Golden Globes!

    This calls for a rousing game of Boar on the Floor!
  • MR ROBOT FINALE 4.12, 4.13

    Listening to Esmail on The Watch podcast it sounds like he really doesn’t care too much about plot. 

    You know, if Whiterose was so delusional. wouldn't Price have known that from the info and schematics he apparently had on Washington Township, that I'm not sure Elliott ever looked at.....
    The whole Whiterose storyline “resolution” was a pretty big miss for me.  That character deserved so much better than a throwaway line in a background news story.