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  • Watchmen S1E1: It’s Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice (SPOILERS)

    "[Out of respect for Agent Blake, who has consistently objected to the science of the Werthem Spectrum tool, I shall refrain from diagnosing her"

    Seduction of the Innocent is a book by American psychiatrist Fredric Wertham, published in 1954, that warned that comic books were a negative form of popular literature and a serious cause of juvenile delinquency. The book was taken seriously at the time in the United States, and was a minor bestseller that created alarm in American parents and galvanized them to campaign for censorship. At the same time, a U.S. Congressional inquiry was launched into the comic book industry. Subsequent to the publication of Seduction of the Innocent, the Comics Code Authority was voluntarily established by publishers to self-censor their titles. His research has been disputed by later scholars.

    Fun Easter Eggs....
  • Watchmen S1E1: It’s Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice (SPOILERS)

    They don't go into this at all, it's assumed background knowledge so far.  But I assume to keep up the charade.

    asmallcat said:
    OpusWho said:
    I think the Squid Rain is an unexpected side result of the large one....not a huge leap . All the little squids are beginning embryos that never make it once they fall to the ground. I dont think Adrian continues with this .  It seems to ordinary. People are SO used to it its just another pain to deal with and have regulated snow. Very LinelofyTM2019. Maybe candidate Redford ran on a platform of public funding to deal with the Squid Rain...some get wet while others...gross.
    I haven't watched this yet, but the big squid was a fake. Why would there be embryos? 

  • Watchmen S1E1: It’s Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice (SPOILERS)

    So what do we think the setup is?

    Official police are so hated by the population they police that they mask themselves and try to hide themselves in the community?  Sounds like the shot officer wouldn't even be safe in the general population hospital, from what Don Johnson's character was telling the wife.  Are these Federal police, or locals?

    LordBy said:
    Deputy with the silver mask’s face looked like a Rorschach mask during about every set of images in the interrogation pod. That’s not an accident.
    Well, that is one of the ways they are getting a reaction out of the guy he was interrogating.  The interrogators said something like "his pupillary response was off the chart on every Rorschach..." or words to that effect.
  • 402- Payment Required

    I think I like the theory where the third alter is the main personality working with Tyrell.  That would explain that scene in season 1 where Joanna sees Eliott looking for Tyrell and is very puzzled, and tries to speaking Swedish or Danish to him......
  • Succession - HBO

    I see a lot of Reddit posts about Logan planning this to go either way for Kendall to show he was capable of taking over or to take the fall. But there's no way a COO who was complicit in a coverup is going to be the CEO in charge of cleaning it up, right?