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  • Top Chef Season 17 - All Stars - SPOILERS

    Thanks, I would have missed Pack Your Knives in my feed!

    Michelle said:
    In their newest episode, the guys from the Pack Your Knives podcast said that they’re going to be doing a season 6 (Vegas, baby!) rewatch & podcasting on the episodes.  I can. not. wait. :smile:

  • How Star Trek changed, and why some fans hate it. (Video)

    "How often do you hear the writing is lazy, or the writing is bad?  You didn't hear that about 24, or Battlestar Galactica or Mad Men, but it's a common complaint about New Star Trek."

    Have we considered the same "Old Trek" fans who liked serialized DS9 and possibly even Babylon 5 and possibly even BSG might be able to handle one of these here newfangled serialized Trek shows if they were actually good?
  • Top Chef Season 17 - All Stars - SPOILERS

    Michelle said:
    I can’t remember who here on the forums recommended the Pack Your Knives podcast, but it’s great!  I’ve been listening all season and highly recommend it.  Listening to their finale podcast now.  

    Yeah, they're really good.  The interview with Kevin was very interesting, There's a lot I didn't know about that guy: 

    He was not trying to win the concept for Restaurant Wars either, which is why his concept had problems, they weren't supposed to pick it.  Also he got into MIT as a nuclear engineer and didn't go?!?

    Their interviews with the cheftestants have all been very interesting, I believe the three finalists are coming up this week.  

  • “Perry Mason” on HBO starring Matthew Rhys premiering June 21st

    Ok, so Perry Mason is apparently a private investigator with war trauma in this "adaption."  Seems like it's related to Perry Mason in names of characters only.  I'm fine with it, I don't have any affinity for the books or old TV show, but what's the point of changing such a major facet of the character?  If you wanted to make a California period detective show, are more people going to tune in to watch because it's called Perry Mason instead of Philip Marlowe or Lew Archer?  
  • Top Chef Season 17 - All Stars - SPOILERS

    Ok, reading more about it, it appears Gregory's back was in really bad shape and the dish he made was something he could do while injured.  So it sucks his back went out on him.