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  • Sepinwall's The 20 Best Shows Made For Streaming

    20. Jessica Jones (Netflix)

    19.  The Kominsky Method (Netflix)

    18. Casual (Hulu)

    17. Bosch (Amazon))

    15. The Crown (Netflix)

    14. Lady Dynamite (Netflix)

    13. GLOW (Netflix)

    12. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon)

    11. Stranger Things (Netflix)

    10. Homecoming (Amazon)

    9. One Mississippi (Amazon)

    8. One Day at a Time (Netflix)

    7. The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)

    6. Orange Is the New Black (Netflix)

    5. American Vandal (Netflix)

    4. Big Mouth (Netflix)

    3. Master of None (Netflix)

    2. Transparent (Amazon)

    1. BoJack Horseman (Netflix)

  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Andrew Cuomo was chairman of HUD and Bill De Blasio was the New York/ New Jersey regional manager under Bill Clinton. The New York City Housing Authority is now moving into receivership with a backlog of maintenance debt of $32 billion. The city recently spent $1.5 billion or so to fix 900 roofs. If you do the math, $32 billion is $180,000 per housing apartment unit. 

    The Metro Transit Authority is a state/city hybrid, has an $18 billion operating budget, which comes out to over $10 per ride, and is undercapitalized, with poor service and a huge maintenance backlog, based on poor decision making by decades of politicians.

    Frankly, it won’t be hard for Jeff Bezos to outperform those two as stewards of taxpayer money. 

    LordBy said:.

    I think her well-covered criticism of Amazon coming into Queens has sparked a long overdue conversation about this kind of corporate welfare and its affect on communities. Good for Queens as a political entity? Undoubtably. Good for Amazon? Yup. Good for most of the people currently living in Queens? Not so much.

  • Homecoming - new show from Sam Esmail

    2 episodes in and I'm having weird podcast reactions. I like the three leads from the podcast better so far- Katherine Keener is somehow a little more naive, lost and wholesome appearing than Julia Roberts, who seemed almost downright mean rather than scared, when the G-man tracked her down at that restaurant.  Oscar Isaac is more charismatic and better at weaving the story than the guy playing Walter Cruz on the show.  And Schwimmer's anxious adenoidal aggression does more for me than Cannavale's laid back bro aggression.

    Just finished episode 9 and got a thrill out of them using Handel's Sarabande from the Barry Lyndon soundtrack. Aside from the Kubrick connection, I thought it was an interesting outlier from the conspiracy-thriller tracks, and it made that scene even more dramatic and doomed.

    For those who have listened to the podcast, I'm curious to hear your thoughts on Cannavale vs. Schwimmer. I was blown away by Schwimmer -- I mean he elicited a visceral reaction from me. Cannavale is fine, but his character is completely different and rather boring and generic to me.

  • Daredevil Season 3 Spoiler Discussion

    You probably won't enjoy large swathes of the comic book then.  That was one of his major tropes.  

    CapeGabe said:
    I'm just 3 episodes in and I'm getting tired of Emo Daredevil. They really should have had him listening to The Smiths & The Cure under the church. At least he's wearing black. The nun should go out and get him some black eyeliner.

  • US Politics Vol. 6: A Song of Fire and Fury - The Winds of Midterms

    That Atlantic article I cited actually speaks to your sentiment.  The Washington Post polled and found out 9 out of 10 Native Americans aren't actually offended by the Redskins name.  Which apparently replicated a 2004 poll finding.

    "Among the Native Americans reached over a five-month period ending in April, more than 7 in 10 said they did not feel the word “Redskin” was disrespectful to Indians. An even higher number — 8 in 10 — said they would not be offended if a non-native called them that name."

    Which struck me as odd, until I read that Atlantic article and they found

    "that Whites are ever so slightly less likely than average to believe that political correctness is a problem in the country: 79 percent of them share this sentiment. Instead, it is Asians (82 percent), Hispanics (87 percent), and American Indians (88 percent) who are most likely to oppose political correctness."

    Which is very consistent with the results of the Washington Post poll.  So, who actually is getting offended at the team name, and why?

    Travis said:
    It's funny (well not "funny" funny, but... well you know), I've always seen "political correctness" as just basic "don't be a dick." You know who gets annoyed by "the oppression of political correctness?" Dicks! Just be cool and try not to step on people's feelings. I think that's a pretty reasonable standard for society, right? Also, it's not like people are being hauled off to jail for simply being assholes, so really it's just people fabricating outrage (or perhaps getting outraged) at the fact that people don't want to hang out with assholes who either just don't care about people's feelings or do so selectively (I suppose you can be sued for creating a hostile work environment and what not, but then you actually are stepping on the rights of others, and you like shouldn't do that and stuff). It's the exact same thing as the bogus "war on Christmas" and all of that nonsense. People just want to feel aggrieved about stuff so they whine on and on about how they used to have to care so much less about the impact of what they said on other people, and honestly that is probably just because the world of communication used to be smaller, or people weren't nearly as empowered as they are now to speak up so the world has become a bit more enlightened on the effects of what they say. In essence, you've always been a dick but you're just figuring it out now. 

    Carrying it to the famous example: I'm sorry that we all took it for granted for so long, but it's a dick move to call your football team The Redskins. Now, obviously they have exercised their right to do so but by doing so they invite controversy and public awareness that it's a dick thing to do. So they are left with a choice, carry that baggage or change the name. They totally control their destiny, but they can't have it both ways. Political correctness simply comes down to how you want the world to see you, and with the fast spread of information and ability for people to gather and spread messages it creates more intense pressure now. If you don't want people to call you out for being a jerk, don't be a jerk, man. I've never got what all of the fuss is about.

    Sorry it that was a little over-caffeinated, but it's been a stressful and very caffeinated type of day. I feel good now though. Yeah!