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  • Legion to Premire on April 3rd

    Hah.  Lot of plot movement there at the end. 

    This season hinges on whether you think future Syd is a product of Farouk, something like what happened in this season. This may all be a self fulfilling time loop in the same timeline. If future Syd is influenced by Farouk’s meddling, then helping Farouk in the present was the wrong move.  A big tip-off that this is probably a setup is Farouk striding into the court room completely unencumbered.  Even if D3 believes David is a huge threat, there’s no way Farouk isn’t one as well and isn’t guilty of numerous violations of people. 

    Muddying the waters is David enjoying torturing Oliver and using his power to influence Syd (even if to erase Farouk’s meddling), referring to himself as god to Lenny and seeing the multiple Davids. He is clearly disturbed, but I wonder if any of gay happens without Farouk setting it up that way. 
  • The Prisoner - The Birth of Modern Television?

    Googling what you wrote I found this interesting tidbit. 

    “However, all is not lost, as Patrick McGoohan himself has a preffered order of what he considers the core seven episodes of the series which "really count." That order, taken from The Official Prisoner Companion, is as follows:
    Patrick McGoohan's What "Really Counts" Order
    1. Arrival
    2. Free for All
    3. Dance of the Dead
    4. Checkmate
    5. The Chimes of Big Ben
    6. Once Upon a Time
    7. Fall out (Conclusion)
    Apparently he originally only conceived around seven to ten episodes, but the producers wanted a minimum of twenty-six for world-wide syndication (finally 17 due to production difficulties etc.). The series therfore had to be padded with filler episodes; many of which like "The Girl Who was Death" (an unproduced Danger Man story) and "Do not Forsake Me Oh My Darling" (containing very little McGoohan due to him being off shooting "Ice Station Zebra") ending up being somewhat ridiculous and morethan a bit out of sync with the rest of the series.”
  • 209 - Vanishing Point

    That doesn't mean human anymore.

    tpelzy said:
    It was annoying the way they tried to show us that she was human. I wish we could have seen the scanner showing she didn't have the explosive in her spine.

  • Soundbar Recommendations

    I bought this Onkyo HTIB from Circuit City in 2002.  Still going strong, even the receiver, with my TV handling the switching.  The subwoofer will blow everyone out of my apartment building if I dial it up even halfway and turn up the volume.  

    It looks like the equivalent system is now $299, though my system appears to have bigger speakers.
  • 206 - Phase Space

    The secret of everlasting life IS probably contained in Peter Abernathy, after all.

    I think Aron was right about the Christ imagery. I don’t think they were saying Abernathy is a Jesus figure necessarily but I was thinking they were laying the Christian imagery on a little thick with that. The show has many biblical references, some more blatant than others.