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  • Bald Move D&D Play by Post (Level 1): Players Only Please



    "There's something fishy with that ring - the barmaid said that new arrival Kasparian seems to just love giving his rings away, and now he's got that couple involved.  We should follow them post-haste.  Luckily, Mardin seems to be delaying them."

    Stirling will prepare to head to the back and follow, but will wait for the others to comment.    
  • Bald Move D&D Play by Post (Level 1): Players Only Please

    "Charmed, milady.  What a.... perceptive sort you appear to be.  My friends and I do have our own varied interests that lead us hither and yon." 

    Smiles widely at Elnora. 
    Doffs his plumed hat and keeps it off.

    "Elnora, may I call you Elnora?  Now, with the powers of perception you seem to be packing, perhaps you might be able to shed some light on the rather...fantastical story I had heard earlier tonight. From a fellow I believe you're acquainted with, Tinderfoot?  A fellow not taller than I.

    Do you remember anything out of the ordinary, anything at all, about the last time he was gaming here?"

    Gazes up at her beatifically, big brown eyes wide.....

  • Bald Move D&D Play by Post (Level 1): Players Only Please

    Whispers to the party members in easy earshot.

    Personally, I would be very curious to see if this fellow Kasparian is wearing his ring again....."

    Louder, to Tinderfoot.

    "What a way to be robbed, eh, Tinderfoot?  That's a variety that doesn't happen to most of us, eh?  You must be really special!  That must count for something."

    Raises his glass and drinks to that.
  • Travel tips- New England, Maritime Canada, Quebec

    Connecticut style lobster roll >>>>>>>> Maine style. 

    Also Rhode Island clear clam chowder > New England > Manhattan. 

    Fight me. 
  • "Russia hates HBO's Chernobyl, decides to make its own series" - AV Club article

    That's interesting.  I wonder if it posits what would have happened had the main architect of the Soviet space flight program not gotten sick and died, though I think the Soviets were well behind at the time he died. 

    Hunkulese said:
    FWIW, I would probably watch a Russian produced historical drama on an American event just to see how far their "little brother syndrome" takes them into the rabbit hole of hilariousness. I would actually love for a film to be made set in a universe where the Russians beat the US in the space race, and our histories were flipped where we're the recovering failed capitalists with a case of LBS towards Russia, and they are the thriving communist state with their version of a soviet Silicon Valley.
    Um, not sure if you're joking, but Apple just revealed their first major show that is based around the fallout of the USSR beating the United States to the moon.