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  • What is your favorite store ever!?

    Long gone:
    Fantasy Forum on the left there next to the print shop, with the Star Trek and RPG stuff in the windows.
    Regular priced role playing games and SF&F books on street level, half price used upstairs.  Spent hours in there.  
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    I’ve been saying Daenerys needed to have a mixed period where she was powerful and ruling,  still looking out for little people, supposedly trying to do the right thing, but increasingly brutal in her methods.  The sack of King’s Landing would have been sinister enough with the unnecessary destruction of the Red Keep and, say, the execution of Lannister prisoners.  
    Then Daenerys starts to slide into the “only my enemies need fear my brutal methods...”
    D&D just didn’t leave themselves enough time.  
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    That's a good point, I wonder how many points like this (and did they ever talk about their child's suicide, BTW?) one would pick up now watching the whole thing again.

    After watching the first season again recently, I wonder if Daenerys's whole political problem consisted of having no feel of her own, and therefore choosing the wrong time to start trusting her advisers when she reached Westeros.  In season 1, she ignores Jorah and multiple Dothraki advising her how to navigate the culture at important points, gets Drogo into the leadership battle, gets Drogo's wound treated by Miri Maz Dur which ends up in the death spiral and she gets bailed out by Messianic Dragonism.  From the blur of what I remember about her time in Essos, she wasn't making astute decisions there either, and largely got bailed out by dragons - why did we think Daenerys was going to do well again?  It would be interesting to rewatch and retrospectively note things...

    So, regarding Jaime and his arc, I think the biggest mistake they made was not having him deal with Cersei blowing up the Sept of Baelor with Wildfire. He never once asked her about it, assumed it was some sort of mishap, nothing. I would imagine they left it out because it would be too hard to buy he would still be on the Cersei train. I guess. 

    As I have said before many times, I have been a defender of this show but the more I keep thinking about it and reflecting on how they handled like, every storyline, I am trending towards the dark side. And I really wish that wasn't the case.

  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    “Conleth Hill, who played the much-missed-this-week Lord Varys, said in a post-show interview that one of the things he regretted not having a chance to do was play a scene where his character reacts to the news of Littlefinger’s execution by the Stark children.

    It got us thinking about how much Varys and Littlefinger’s machinations drove the story in the early seasons of the show and how much their influence had sadly diminished by the end of their time in the story. We don’t think it’s a coincidence that the first meeting of the Small council was marked with light comedy and a distinct sense that things had returned to “normal.” In other words, no wheels were broken. The wheel, damaged and scorched a little, remains firmly in place.”

    hat tip @JaimieT
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    I wonder how popular this show would be if it started off with the quality of these last 2 or 3 seasons....
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