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  • 210 - The Passenger

    Wow. I thought there was some unwritten rule for the number of plot holes allowed in a top tier HBO show. If not for Lisa Joy's interview, one could argue that what we just watched was a simulation just for William's sake. I don't care much for showrunners explaining what should have been self evident on screen, but it would be a revelation to receive an explanation as to why the season and maybe even the series has been broken. What are really the stakes now if no robot can die and there can be multiple iterations of them in multiple places? If the robots are destined to win, will poorly constructed puzzles and plot reveals be the show's fate? I wanted the robots to establish a virtual world for themselves in this story. Oh boy, never mind once I saw Ake's mate in the simulation lol. Too much head scratching to bother, really.
  • Turns out Chris Hardwick is a POS

    Unless there is more to this than people accusing without evidence, I have to be on the innocent until proven guilty side. Maybe there are people in this world who have the benefit of everyone liking them all of the time, but I would love to not potentially lose my job, friends, and family before I can even defend myself.
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  • Episode 610 - 'Start'

    @KingKobra Almost forgot that Stan isn't in counter intel anymore. He was shown to be somewhat corrupt ever since Nina so he might leave it alone. But if Renee is an illegal, I doubt she will stay with him forever once the intel dries up. Pretty sad lol.
  • Episode 610 - 'Start'

    Loved the finale. I appreciated the musical choices more after watching it a second time. My heart almost skipped a beat seeing Paige left behind on the platform. I don't see why people are saying that Stan will never know if Renee is one of them. All of the illegals seem to have taken the identities of deceased people so he can easily uncover that much at least. Some of the bigger questions seem to be will he, why wouldn't Stan and all of his personal contacts be investigated, and why wouldn't he be at least forced out of counter intelligence. If Renee is an illegal, which I think she is, I would think that she would be on the run too no matter how much tighter her cover might be. 
  • 609 - "Battle of the Bastards" - NO SPOILERS!

    @hisdudeness915 I'm glad for others that think this season and episode are the best ever, but I can't feel it. Considering their numbers, I would have loved to see Jon and Co realize that Wun Wun was their best chance at winning and plan their strategy around letting him go to town while lending support and protecting him. They just had to be stupid and not even give the Wildlings shields or columns of tied together logs that groups could use against the arrows. It might have been great if it became a battlefield drama regarding if Jon and Co could protect Wun Wun well enough versus if Ramsay could figure out an ingenious and cruel way to neutralize him followed by a Jon or Davos counter move. By the way, what happened to the Wun Wun stomp from Hardhome? Basically, as soon as Jon charged in, the battle was over. By golly, they could have made Jon and Co plausibly smart and still ended up on their last legs, which would have been a lot more satisfying. Breaking Bad did it all day. I could go on and on about that battle, but alas.