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    Lady Minka Carrot cake of Hinterland
  • Health scare

    gguenot said:
    cdrive said:
    Yes! Benign. So happy for you guys.  
    So I’m an idiot and always get confused between benign and malignant. So much so that my wife recently had a small mole on her leg removed and she showed me the email results saying “benign” and I just burst into tears and cried out “No!” because I thought it was the bad news one. Lot going on emotionally for me lately if you couldn’t tell lol. 

    Very happy for you @Jenny ! Definitely cause for cracking open an nice bottle to celebrate!

    That's incredibly sweet. I personally like to pronounce it "ben-IG-in" just for funsies.

    Sure. For fun. That's why you pronounce it like that. :)
  • DEVS

    Yeah, I’m watching it. Come for the Nick Offerman, stay for the super creepy giant child statue. 
  • Recommendations for things to do in Seattle/Oregon in July?

    We take our travel-trailer to the Bend/Sisters area about 4-5 times a year. (I call our trailer the caravan because that sounds classier).  I love it there!  It sounds like you will have local friends and family to be your guides, but here are some of my favorites.  The city is great, but the surrounding nature is fan-fucking-tastic.   You can drive or hike to the top of the 500 foot tall Pilot Butte and get a panoramic view of the desert and Cascade Mountains. My favorite hike is probably Smith Rock, which is like 40 miles north of Bend.  You can't swing a dead cat in a cricle without hitting a spot of unrivaled narural majesty, so you'll just have to pick a few and go.  Tumalo Falls and Camp Sherman are top-10 for sure.  

    As far as food, we always hit the Pho Viet Cafe in Bend.  The Sno-Cap in Sisters is the place for ice cream cones.  There are several breweries and at least one distillery.  I particularly geeked out during a tour of the Dschutes Bewery, but you could just partake at a brew pub. 

    Non-hiking recreation: There are several city Parks in Bend along the Deschutes River. You can rent an inner tube and there is a bus that will ferry you back upstream all day for like $3.  The High Desert Museum is always fun and is full of "Wildlife, History and Art. If you time it right, you can be there when the handlers bring the raptors out for an educational show. They do someties have "living history", so if you are uncomfortable around role-playing adults in period costume, beware. One time my husband backed out of a room, leaving me alone with a bonnet-topped woman seated at a spinning wheel while I tried to make small talk about "the hard journey here".  I sputtered something about scoring a parking spot in the shade, so ya know, the journey wasn't that bad and then I left.  

    Now I want to load up the caravan and head south to Central Oregon!  Just like the pioneers, we travel with a flush toilet, plenty of beer and a flat-screen tv. Sometimes we run out of beer, so I feel like I know their hardship.   

  • What's your favorite classic TV show (50s to 70s)?

    MASH and the Rockford Files.