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  • What BM Podcasts should I be listening to?

    ken hale said:
    I’m experiencing a sort of yearning in the sense that my life is lacking some weekly Bald Move coverage of...anything, really.  With GoT and Walking Dead done for, as well as Better Call Saul, Fargo, and I guess Westworld (ugh) being on hiatus, are there any current shows being covered by Bald Move?  I’ve got Watchmen to look forward to, I listen to Pickle Me This and I don’t even like that show, I download the TV podcast when there’s something I watch being discussed, but that’s it for me. When I search the podcast app, it seems pretty much all of the Bald Move shows that come up are off-air now. What’s current that I’m missing out on?
    If you’re a club member the weekly lunches and recent Empire Business podcasts can help satisfy your yearning. If you’re not I’d recommend you try it out.
    ken hale
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    This reaction is like banning all lettuce after an E.Coli outbreak, or banning all Mexican food because of a Hepatitis A outbreak at a couple of Mexican restaurants.

    Some folks are apparently using a harmful additive in some vape “juice.” That additive needs to be identified and banned for this use. It’s bad for those affected, it should be investigated and addressed rapidly, but the number affected vs the number of users isn’t really significant.

    Think of the number harmed by the gun industry, tobacco industry, alcohol industry, automobile industry, food industry, etc.

    This is ludicrous.
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Also not looking at payroll tax reduction, then definitely not looking at payroll tax reduction, then not looking at payroll tax reduction.

    Also caved on universal background checks to the NRA, and then denied caving to universal background checks to the NRA (spoiler alert: he caved to the NRA).

    Also apparently Fox is fake news now too because, you know, they do polls.
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Territory for sale isn’t really in vogue for the last 70yrs or so because societies typically care more about what residents think than they used to. A quiet inquiry is harmless, though loaded up with irony in this case, and even if that got leaked you could just say “yeah, we asked about it and they’re not interested so that’s that.”

    The irony is that Greenland is going to become a lot more valuable from a resource perspective because of global warming which the Trump administration denies while the Danes and Greenlanders believe the science. The irony is that even if the Danes were on board, you’d have to have the Greenlanders agree to it to even entertain it since they’re a self governing country within the Danish kingdom. The irony is that the bulk of Greenland’s population is indigenous people, not the pale Nordic people that Trump has explicitly said he wants more of in our country. The irony is that these people enjoy the benefits of Democratic Socialism with the right to free education and healthcare and nobody was ever going to agree to a deal that strips this stuff from their citizenry, especially in the long imperial tradition of screwing over indigenous people to strip them involuntarily of the resources on their land, so to do it you’d have to allow the Democratic Socialist welfare state to continue in Greenland; imagine thousands of Americans fleeing to a US territory to get healthcare and education, it’d be like like bizzaro-Puerto Rico.

    Edit: Also Congress would have to appropriate the funds for the purchase as well as for continuing a generous welfare state for the territory unless he goes full Emperor Trump. Can you imagine this Senate approving healthcare for all and free education, just not for US Citizens?
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Following the story of a 20 year old d-bag in Missouri who walking into a Walmart wearing body armor with an assault rifle, pistol, and 100+ rounds of ammo. He was detained by an off duty firefighter with a concealed carry permit until he was arrested.

    So the NRA folks are all: See! Good guy with a gun! Need more people with guns! Hero prevents mass shooting!

    Thing is it looks like this is just a d-bag demonstrating his 2nd amendment rights at the same store chain that was just the site of a mass murder while filming himself so he could virtue signal about it to fellow 2nd amendment fans. Folks in the store panicked (understandably) 911 was called, and a fire alarm was pulled by a manager to evacuate the building.

    In Missouri, and in a Walmart, walking around with guns in body armor is perfectly legal. It is probably the off duty firefighter who may end up in trouble with the law as he held someone at gunpoint who was doing nothing wrong. D-bag would have been in his rights to shoot th firefighter who brandished a gun at him. Regardless the good guy with a gun confronted the other guy after he peaceably left the Walmart because of a fire alarm; not like he prevented anything from going down.

    Our laws in the US are pretty messed up.