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  • OK, where the hell do people actually have bagged milk in this country?

    Dee said:
    Michelle said:
    Plus, it’s an effective source of calcium, probably better than taking supplements.
    There’s some evidence that calcium supplements can increase risk of heart attacks as it can build up in arteries, so always better to get it from food sources (as a middle aged woman terrified of osteoporosis, I am big on this topic). 

    And you can prise my cheese out of my cold, dead hands. 
    I’m with you. I’m not a big fan of drinking milk, but the folks who go on about the human race never having been weened or whatever can come and try to take my:
    - Cheese including Cream Cheese and Cottage Cheese
    - Sour Cream
    - Butter
    - Yogurt
    - Cheese Cake
    - Cookies And other baked goods
    - Buttermilk Fried Chicken
    - Whipped Cream
    - Creamy Sauces
    - Creamy Soups
    - Milk Chocolate
  • Announcing Swizzbold!

    I subscribed to 3RT on Apple, can’t find One Weird Trick there either.

    Is the idea for these to be ad-supported, and if so is there any partnership for BM members or opportunity to support Swizzbold separately?
  • Save the Expanse - Bald Move edition

    Preview cast and wrap-up cast will probably have to do it given the binge-dump-over-the-holiday decision at Amazon.

    If they’re going to do it this way, providing screeners so folks can produce content in advance would be a good move for Amazon.

    If the podcasts get 100,000 downloads or something, then I think we may be able to justify backfilling full coverage in some way.
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    JaimieT said:
    @LordBy That was a spectacular read, 10/10, where do I send my money?

    ^^ 95% not sarcastic
    Aw thanks :)
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Congress should be able to fill this story in with additional corroborating evidence, to the extent that witnesses will cooperate with subpoenas, in the next couple of weeks. Then I’d expect another couple of weeks of public hearings to bring the public up to speed and allow public what-aboutist-grandstanding by GOP members (all the greatest hits: Deep State, Hillary, Obama, Benghazi, Steele Dossier, Lame-Stream-Fake-News-Media, Comey, FBI Lovers) that has little to do with the actual allegations, followed by a vote on articles of impeachment.

    At that point, unless the public hearings start opinion heading in the other direction, I’d expect McConnell to have “the talk” with Trump about how it would be so nice for him to not deal with these awful lying witch-hunters anymore so maybe he should retire to Mar-a-Lago and secure a pardon for himself and his family from President Pence.

    You get McConnell giving him the hard-sell wrapped in flattery while Lindsey Graham gives him a foot massage, get his cabinet to promise that they’ll tell everyone he was the best President in history who has already accomplished two terms worth of the “best stuff” anyway, and maybe get Ivanka to make a tearful plea about how she doesn’t want to end up in jail, and then maybe Trump rides off into the sunset at the end of the year.

    McConnell and what is left of the GOP are in a tough spot. They need to get someone on the ticket before the primaries begin in earnest, hopefully with a Trump endorsement, who has more appeal than Pence. Otherwise the whole party is going to immolate in scandal over the next 24mos.

    Trump’s taxes still aren’t out, and you know if they looked good he’d have paraded them out before the election. There are going to be a dozen more Trump scandals. There may be a new impeachment in 2021 for money laundering, bribery, or whatever else this madman gets up to.

    I’m betting Trump is out by the end of the year, if not the end of January, and we get a GOP Candidate Lindsay Graham or Rand Paul on the 2020 ballot unless Pence develops some knife-fighting skills and comes out of this cleaner than I expect he will.