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  • Westworld v. Humans (A. Ron and Jim please start coverage on Humans!!!!)

    im sure this isn’t a brand new idea,  but can we compare and contrast Westworld with the AMC (channel 4 in UK) show humans and decide once for all that, well, Humans is simply a better show? I’m obviously biased So maybe what I’mreally  trying to do after watching the finale this season for Westworld is to convince fellow Westworld “fans” to check out a much more well written, well acted, and well crafted version of the inevitable sentient robot uprising. 

    Humans does better: in 2.5 seasons, every episode seems to increase the stakes just enough to make it meaningful and important 

    robots can can actually die, so there is an emotional impact with each death. Humans can too.

    the show has established clear rules and doesn’t break them every episode.

    the show probably doesn’t have the budget for big action, so it doesn’t try and fail all the time.

    the two lead robots are both worth ‘rooting for’ even though peaceful and violent themes are weaved in and out seamlessly, I find myself liking the characters a lot more. I could stare at Gemma Chan for hours.

    the show has a much more nuanced view, I think, of how humans will react (not with absolute ignorance and disgust)

    its only fair though to mention that Westworld excels in the following areas too I suppose:

    its a a darker more intense look on AI, Which makes for good chatter
    the puzzle solving can be rewarding and the second screen experience is definitely a plus
    my brain hurts at end of the show, fun, like a good math exam
    if you have difficulty understanding British accents there are fewer here
    i think I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel now.

    anyhow,  this is really only the beginning of the discussion in my opinion but the point I’m trying to really make is, if you were as annoyed, confused or unaffected emotionally from Westworld this season as I was, I implore you to watch’s way way better cause it makes me actually feel things and the characters have multi faceted personalities, even the robots!

    Would love other opinions here too from those who have watched both. Thanks!