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  • 603 - "Oathbreaker" - spoiler thread!

    6 different people stab Jon. (1)Alister, (2)guy with balding short hair and short grey beard, (3)guy with short brown hair and short brown beard, (4)guy with long hair, and (5)different guy we only see for a few frames, then (6)Olly. Six definitely 6.

    So why only 4 hangings?
  • Official Direct Thread: Shaun of the Dead

    This is off topic but you did talk about it in this episode. Red lightsabers. The reason the Sith had red light sabers is because the Jedi controlled the only natural source of the crystals that are the heart of the light sabers. So the Sith had to grow their own synthetic crystals and the only process that works makes red crystals.
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

    It seems that pretty much everybody thinks Snoke is going to be Yoda sized. I listen to a bunch of podcasts that did an episode for this movie. But what if Snoke really is 25 feet tall, for all that it matters in a universe where magic is real why not have it be Cloverfield sized? Maybe that's why it's sitting in a chair, immense size is debilitating. Andre the giant dead at 46, Robert Wadlow, the worlds tallest man dead at 22. This might be why this is a new character, maybe it wasn't even born when the battle of Endor happened. Or what if Snoke is just a brain in a jar somewhere, now there's a twist.

    I'm pretty sure it's OK to post this  here since this guy only does youtube videos, not a podcast so he isn't really competing with Bald Move. And all of his stuff is really short. But that link is to one of his easter egg videos for ep 7. Stuff like why is Kylo Ren's lightsaber janky as fuck. Pointing out all the cameos in the movie. Stuff that was in early versions of the script like Chewbacca ripping the arms off the junk dealer that Rey was selling her salvage to. Why R2-D2 woke up when it did. It's good stuff. I bet Jim and A-Ron would like his stuff too.

  • 210 - "I Live Here Now"

    If they don't renew it, would it be too mych to ask, that they replace the entire writing team at The Walking Dead with these writers?
    Maybe Kevin is a walker now, but in this universe walkers are not brain dead shambling automatons.
  • Official Direct Thread: Kill Bill vol. 2

    Seeing that is the general consensus that KB2 is better than KB1, and given that they were shot as one event as much as is possible, then edited later, is it possible that, QT shuffled the list to make the most enjoyable story?

    That being said, these were released within a single calendar year, right? Meaning that this is one movie, it's just that modern audiences are not receptive to such long movies. Right?