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    EMAW42 said:
    I would get a stopwatch, a lawn chair, and a cooler full of beer. Then I would lead It around to various terrains and time It's walking speed, while I slam brewskies and point and laugh at it. I'd write an app that utilizes GPS and the data I've collected to constantly compare my current location to It's last known location. The app would give you a pretty good ballpark of where It is and which direction It's walking.  I'd find a job where I could work remotely, and buy two homes on opposite sides of the country, say one in Portland Oregon and one in Portland Maine.  Whenever the app showed that It was within 150 miles of me, I would fly cross country to my other house. Given an approximate distance of 3,000 miles between my houses, and a walking speed of 4 MPH, that means I'd be making the trip about once per month. 

    Once a year (maybe several times in year 1) I would drive close to where my app says it was, and post up in a giant field with good sight lines (the beer would make a reappearance). Once I see It, I would calibrate my App and update It's last confirmed location, then I could go back home. I'd analyze the data to see if the app needs any tinkering to give more accurate tracking for It. 

    The first couple of years would probably still be stressful, but after that I'd imagine you'd get pretty comfortable as your confidence grew in your App. 

    I like the idea, but I suppose it requires the monster to move at a fairly constant (or at least predictable) speed. What if its speed varies, depending on its shape (huge adult man versus small old lady versus little boy)?

    Hopefully the data you collect and the multiple calibrations in year 1 would be enough. If the speed varies too much though, I guess I'd just pull a Jim and start having  sex with wild animals. 

    I wonder if you got it to walk on to a omni-directional treadmill, if it would be stuck there forever? Then you could make electricity with It and sell it. 
  • 207 - eps2.5_h4ndshake.sme

    I think the complaints about Leon's fighting prowess are pretty laughable. Virtually anyone could have done what he did; everyone was unarmed with their backs to him and one of them had his pants down with his dick in his hand.
  • The Winds of Winter

    $20 says WW aren't in the finale
    Ha! I'll take that bet. $20 towards the current group commission of your choice that the White Walkers are in the episode. If I win, you buy two shares of There Will Be Blood. If you win, I'll buy two shares of your choice.

    I'll take this bet for four more people ($100 total) if you are all feeling lucky. No way an episode called The Winds of Winter doesn't show the White Walkers.

    I'll see you Sunday friendo
    Drew, which commission do you want me to buy? Thank god no one else took me up on my offer! 
  • The Winds of Winter

    What the heck you guys? Whether it be this board, reddit, or on the podcast, I've seen almost no discussions about the White Walkers for the next episode. It's literally titled "The Winds of Winter"! I will be shocked if there is not a huge set piece with the White Walkers in the finale. I know there is still 14 episodes left, but I'm calling it: the Wall is going to crumble and fall in the finale.
  • 603 - "Oathbreaker" - spoiler thread!

    Is it just me or did the Cleganebowl just get confirmed?