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  • 803 - “The Long Night”

    How anyone can complain about the character who spent four seasons training to be an assassin assassinating the biggest bad guy is beyond me. Her sneaking in close, after spending a long scene earlier showing how quietly she can move and avoiding detection, makes way more sense than John single handedly fighting through the lines all the way to Bran to save the day.
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  • 307 - The Final Country

    It can’t be a coincidence Julie was calling herself Mary July and now we find the one eyed man is named Mr. June. Ms. July seems like a cute nickname you’d give yourself based on “Mr. June”. I wonder if June helped her escape eventually and tried to let her live a normal life; maybe Julie viewed June as her father, which is why she made that phone call when her real dad was on the screen. It’s a bit confusing to me why Julie knows/remembers her real name and doesn’t turn herself in.
  • IT Follows solutions

    I would get a stopwatch, a lawn chair, and a cooler full of beer. Then I would lead It around to various terrains and time It's walking speed, while I slam brewskies and point and laugh at it. I'd write an app that utilizes GPS and the data I've collected to constantly compare my current location to It's last known location. The app would give you a pretty good ballpark of where It is and which direction It's walking.  I'd find a job where I could work remotely, and buy two homes on opposite sides of the country, say one in Portland Oregon and one in Portland Maine.  Whenever the app showed that It was within 150 miles of me, I would fly cross country to my other house. Given an approximate distance of 3,000 miles between my houses, and a walking speed of 4 MPH, that means I'd be making the trip about once per month. 

    Once a year (maybe several times in year 1) I would drive close to where my app says it was, and post up in a giant field with good sight lines (the beer would make a reappearance). Once I see It, I would calibrate my App and update It's last confirmed location, then I could go back home. I'd analyze the data to see if the app needs any tinkering to give more accurate tracking for It. 

    The first couple of years would probably still be stressful, but after that I'd imagine you'd get pretty comfortable as your confidence grew in your App. 
  • Blood simple

    sean.ray said:
    Hey guys, just wanted to create a thread if other bald move supporters/fans would like to discuss my commission. Thanks so much for your insight Jim and A-Ron. I hope A-Ron enjoys Insidious Ch. 1 & 2 more than Blood Simple. Lol. Thanks again guys, your insights on bald movies really brighten my day.
    Sean, thanks for commissioning this dude! I was excited to see this mentioned on the front page today. I recently bought the Criterion copy of this and it was an instant classic for me, easily in the top 5 Coen films. This story was so freaking tight and I was cracking up at the tangled web of confusion. To have all of the characters so totally on different pages in such a believable way was pure genius. If you haven't bought the Criterion copy of this, I highly recommend it because the transfer is beautiful. 
  • Cutting the Cable Cord?

    I've heard good things about PlayStation Vue if you want to keep sports. Even better is if your parents or someone you know will let you use their cable log in, because almost every channel has an app now on console/smart tvs and if you have a log in it's basically like having cable. I'm able to watch ESPN, AMC, FX, and Fox Sports on my X box, I just let my friend use my HBO Now login and I get to use theirs for all of those.

    Netflix, HBO Now, and a good HD antenna are all musts for cord cutters. If you have Amazon Prime you get a lot of content too.