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  • Palm Springs (Spoilers)

    Whew, I am tracking with you totally. But doesn't your explanation explain your question about the goat? Because if not...I may need you to commit to a powerpoint. 
    It should be easy-ish to determine if another person has broken out of the loop: you just confront them everyday and see if they react the same.

    I guess you could do that same sort of thing with a goat, it would just be more difficult and you’d have to pay much closer attention.
    Did it actually show that the goat wasn’t there, or is that just something she told Nyles? She might have lied to make it more likely Nyles would go with her.
  • Children of Men!!!

    @Teresa from Concord In the book it was the Men who were infertile.
    Teresa from Concord
  • Children of Men!!!

    Hell yes! Love this movie. Probably one of the first that I watched where I really started becoming interested in the process of making films. Alfonso Cuaron is a genius and I love everything he has done so far.
    I credit this movie for kicking off my love of film as well.    I was so excited leaving the theater and I’ll never forget that experience. The long shots, the use of utter silence toward the end, the world building and atmosphere (serious Half Life vibes); I gained an entirely new appreciation for the art of movies.

    A small and unimportant shot that stuck out to me was a moment following Theo in the woods, when we hear the trees blowing and the camera pans up to look at them; when we pan back down Theo has already walked away and we have to catch up with him. It gives you such a sense that you’re just an observer along for the ride witnessing something real. 
  • 803 - “The Long Night”

    How anyone can complain about the character who spent four seasons training to be an assassin assassinating the biggest bad guy is beyond me. Her sneaking in close, after spending a long scene earlier showing how quietly she can move and avoiding detection, makes way more sense than John single handedly fighting through the lines all the way to Bran to save the day.
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  • 307 - The Final Country

    It can’t be a coincidence Julie was calling herself Mary July and now we find the one eyed man is named Mr. June. Ms. July seems like a cute nickname you’d give yourself based on “Mr. June”. I wonder if June helped her escape eventually and tried to let her live a normal life; maybe Julie viewed June as her father, which is why she made that phone call when her real dad was on the screen. It’s a bit confusing to me why Julie knows/remembers her real name and doesn’t turn herself in.