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  • John Adams miniseries review?

    I'm so glad you brought this up. This is the best series about the time period ever created. It's based on David McCullough's Pulitzer Prize-winning biography. The series was also created by the same studio that created Band of Brothers and The Pacific (Tom Hanks' company, Playtone). I would absolutely love a podcast on this, especially since it stars Giamatti --it's perfect for Jim and A.Ron. Even if they don't, I'd highly recommend this to anyone interested in history or period pieces.  
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    JaimieT said:
    Because he's a white bro, and he seems to know about money. I think it's just this primal thing like that, for most of the voters. Also fear of Hillary after he got traction, and he was the "only" alternative. I really don't see him getting elected if we can put up a white bro too.
    I do agree with you Jaimie, but I think the problem is deeper than that. There's still 30-40% of the American population that blindly supports him. At this point, it's not a political party, it's a cult. MAGA is cult of personality, not any kind of political ideology. 

    We need to make sure voter turn out is through the roof for 2020. We already know the Russians are engaged in election interference already and the Senate hasn't even brought the election security bills to the floor for a vote. Plus, Trump is going to do whatever he has to do to remain in power. We all know about the Ukraine scandal, but who knows how much we don't know about his corruption. He knows if he loses there's a significant chance he'll be prosecuted, which is what worries me the most. He's dangerous as it is, but add desperation into the mix, and it could get very ugly, very quickly. 

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  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Has anyone seen the documentary, Active Measures (2018)? It’s currently streaming on Hulu.

    If you’re at all interested in Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election, as well as Trump’s personal history with Russia and Russian oligarchs, it’s a must see. 

    I’m kind of surprised this documentary has been under my radar for so long. Like a lot of people in this thread, I’m a big news junkie. We’re so desensitized by the constant stream of breaking news, it’s easy to lose touch with the big picture.

    This documentary does an excellent job of laying out the pieces to the puzzle and presenting it clearly and methodically. It’s riveting.

  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    There's an interview that former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe did on 60 minutes.  (He's the guy who got fired the day before he would have been eligible for a pension)
    It's very interesting. I don't think it's aired yet, but here's a link to the transcript of the interview.
    I just watched it thanks to your link. It’s compelling. 
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Marci said:
    Sorry you have to deal with that @giardinello. It's a common experience in the last few years. I've been lucky in that nobody in my close family orbit posts things like that now, but if they did, I would unfollow them rather than spend any time trying to educate them. It has been my experience that any presentation of facts to a Trump cultist (or most neo-cons) usually results in them doubling down on their opinions. They simply don't want to hear it and it's mostly a waste of your time and energy. I think for most of them, if they want to deprogram, they're going to have to have some realizations on their own and it's fairly unlikely that anything you say to them will get through. Anything is possible, but it sounds like it's causing you a lot of frustration, and it's probably not worth it.

    For the ones who aren't close to me, like a large number of people I grew up with in my very small Rust Belt hometown who are hardcore MAGAs, I take it as an opportunity to Marie Kondo my FB friends list and unfriend them. It's not that I want to live in an echo chamber or that I think I'm always right, but some people have abandoned all reason and don't care to educate themselves beyond what bullshit Fox News shovels into their heads, so my life is so much easier and happier when it's free of them. For that matter, I often snooze my liberal friends who do nothing but post political memes because honestly, it's pretty tiresome and not what I'm interested in seeing when I visit FB.
    Thank you for your post. I have made the decision to snooze them (I didn’t even know the feature existed). And I also agree with you in terms of liberal friends/people, as well. I completely agree with almost everything they say, but it’s too much. I don’t know if you’re on Reddit, but /r/politics is a perfect example for me. The comment section is always uninsightful and is like a liberal echo chamber.