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  • John Adams miniseries review?

    I'm so glad you brought this up. This is the best series about the time period ever created. It's based on David McCullough's Pulitzer Prize-winning biography. The series was also created by the same studio that created Band of Brothers and The Pacific (Tom Hanks' company, Playtone). I would absolutely love a podcast on this, especially since it stars Giamatti --it's perfect for Jim and A.Ron. Even if they don't, I'd highly recommend this to anyone interested in history or period pieces.  
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    JaimieT said:
    Because he's a white bro, and he seems to know about money. I think it's just this primal thing like that, for most of the voters. Also fear of Hillary after he got traction, and he was the "only" alternative. I really don't see him getting elected if we can put up a white bro too.
    I do agree with you Jaimie, but I think the problem is deeper than that. There's still 30-40% of the American population that blindly supports him. At this point, it's not a political party, it's a cult. MAGA is cult of personality, not any kind of political ideology. 

    We need to make sure voter turn out is through the roof for 2020. We already know the Russians are engaged in election interference already and the Senate hasn't even brought the election security bills to the floor for a vote. Plus, Trump is going to do whatever he has to do to remain in power. We all know about the Ukraine scandal, but who knows how much we don't know about his corruption. He knows if he loses there's a significant chance he'll be prosecuted, which is what worries me the most. He's dangerous as it is, but add desperation into the mix, and it could get very ugly, very quickly. 

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  • A Very Giamatti Christmas 2018

    I’m gonna high jack this thread to recommend a brand new Giamatti film, Private Life. It’s a Netflix film, so it’s on there streaming now. I watched it last night with my SO and thought it was great.