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  • 308 - Kiksuya

    It's a good thing Westworld isn't TWD, because with that much screen time, you know Akecheta would be dead next ep.
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  • 308 - Kiksuya

    So is it a plot-hole that Arnold didn't bother to have all of Ghost Nation executed as well when he did his grand host purge and suicide?  Or is this part of Arnold's plan, since it seems beyond coincidence that Akecheta would stumble on the purge and discover the toy immediately after it happened.

    So if it's part of Arnold's purge plan, that's cool-- but we need to find out more about that plan.  Because canonically "Arnold doesn't make mistakes, does he."
  • Fictional Inspirational Speeches

    On the Expanse podcast, A.Ron commented that Drummer's speech was epic.  Made me realize there are probably a lot from movies and TV shows I've never seen, and it'd be fun to start a thread on it.

    My favorite-- Al Pacino from Any Given Sunday, the halftime speech:

  • History Podcast Suggestions?

    From Mike Duncan (who did The History of Rome and The Revolutions podcasts) recently did an audiobook about the precursors to the fall of the Roman Republic (BCE 150 - 80) where in 10 hours, he details the events between the 3rd Punic War and the rise of Sulla to dictatorship.  These are political and military wars in the era immediately preceding Caesar's rise that loosened Rome's strict ideal of being a Republic to being primed for takeover as an Empire.

    Anyway, 10 hours for $15 is pretty good, or else free if you're subscribed to Audible

    This is content he went over while doing the History of Rome podcast years earlier, but in much more detailed and well thought-out form.

    He also has 2 appendices of the History of Rome for sale-- a set of biographies of the original historians who recorded all this in the first place.  And a recounting of each of Rome's ill-fated attempts to subjugate Spain during those late Republic years.
  • 306 - Immolation

    Did anyone else have a problem with Prax sending his daughter off with Amos, and Amos *immediately* abandoning her? I don't buy that she would allow herself to be left behind so easily. (for Amos to go kill Strickland) 

    Also I was really pulling for Prax to be the one to kill Strickland. He was talking a big enough game.