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  • Top 5 Favorite Non- Bald Move Podcasts

    russkelly said:
    Chapo Trap House. (Fight me!)

    Chapo Trap House is hilarious.  Although definitely not for everybody.  They are completely irreverent with a fucking eviscerating wit, annihilating all politics from a far-left socialist peanut-gallery perspective.

    They talk about Revolutions with Tim Duncan of the Revolutions podcast: 

    The sports episode with PFT Commenter: 

    Their take on traditional liberal democrats: 

    The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez episode is more benign but probably a good start for the curious: 

    And if you're brave... Go ahead and listen to their eulogy of McCain: 

  • Adulting (seeking advice about retirement accounts)

    My best piece of advice to tack on-- if you have an HSA (Health Savings Account) medical plan available, just throw the max into there.  It has many many advantages, especially if you live long enough to become old. 

    Essentially-- you have an account of pre-tax dollars you can spend on any medical expense with a debit card that draws straight from this account, with money that is never taxed and rolls forward forever.  As you grow a family or near retirement, you'll have a shit-load of copays, prescriptions, and/or medical bills for spouse/kids that you can spend this account on.

    It's pretty rare to have an account where both contributing and spending privileges are tax-free, and the balance rolls forever (unlike an FSA-- flexible spending accont-- where the balance maxes out)

    Additionally, your employer might also possibly contribute.  It is only a small maximum per year you can contribute (like $3500 for a single person), but after your account gets above around $2k, you can compound the extras in non-cash investments, like index/mutual funds, if you want to.

    These are only available with higher-deductible medical plans-- so once again, the HSA is America's way of putting its thumb on the scale toward the upper 10%... "Life is pretty affordable, for those who can afford it."
  • 4.03 Something Beautiful

    Maybe I'm reading that last scene wrong-- but my take is Kim's distraught because she suddenly realized she let herself be used as the fulcrum by which these two antagonistic, but ultimately loving brothers escalated a war that left one committing suicide and the other one a sociopath.

    While *I* don't blame her, I can see how it's within her character to blame herself.  After all, the Jimmy she first met was perfectly happy working in the mail room at his brother's law firm.
  • MLB 2018

    This is funny-- they actually gave Treinen the save despite allowing all 3 inherited runners to score.  I guess the A's bullpen will get along Just Great with the Fernando Rodney Experience!

    Did I mention Cano comes off suspension tomorrow?

  • 4.01 Smoke

    So... is Mike just trying to earn his paycheck at Madrigal? I don’t get it.

    Mike is extremely suspicious of Lydia and her/Madrigal's ability to pull off the money laundering enterprise he's subscribing to (she admitted to him in season 3 it was her first time)

    So he moves in to do a sweep of the place and give himself some plausible deniability as a legit security consultant, while sending a hard message to Lydia to clean up her act.

    As we know-- Mike doesn't do half measures.