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  • WandaVision Spoiler Thread

    kingbee67 said:
    Is Agnes (and the group she in league with)
    the real ones controlling the people in the town? So Wanda is off the villain hook a little bit. Is Wanda just going along with things because it eases her pain? Are Wanda and Vision going to get on the same page and deal with the Hydra or whatever threat? 
    I didn’t come up with the Agnes theory but I like it and I’m going to run with it.
    the fact Norm (Vision's co-worker) said "You have to stop her.  She is in my head" without specifying who "she" is seems intentional so we (the audience) thinks it's Wanda when in reality Norm meant Agnes.   Wanda also brings up the fact that she isn't really in control of every person's details on what they are doing every day also suggests she isn't the one doing all the work.   I wouldn't be surprised if Wanda didn't go steal Vision on her own but rather that she did it under someone's control or someone else did it pretending to be Wanda, or that the footage was doctored to pin this on her (maybe the acting director of Sword is under Agnes' control or working with Agnes). 
  • Cord Cutting

    Well, it took me long enough :)

    A couple of months ago I called my cable company to let them know I didn't want to pay for their service anymore and they reduced my bill to half (they were charing me $200 for a 'movie' package which it's real value was HBO, but they let me keep all the same Chanels while paying now only $100).   Then while playing around trying to install the HBO Max app on my fireTV, I accidentally created a new account and HBO was charing me for their service so I ended up paying two bills for HBO.   When I realized what had happened I called the cable company to cancel their cable service (they are still my internet provider) since really I was only watching HBO shows.   The only thing I needed to do was return their cable box to them.   Now looking back, the only real value I got from having cable was being able to tell the time by looking at the cable box.

    Is anyone here still paying for cable?

  • Drunk History Cancelled by Comedy Cental

    Not sure how many people here liked that show, but apparently it was renewed for season 7 was in pre production before Covid, however last week it was announced that Comedy Central decided to cancel the show.   Looks like Comedy Central wants to focus on adult animated series going forward and this show didn't fit it's new direction.

    I hope this show finds a new home.   It isn't always great, but more often than not I end up on wikipedia learning about the characters/stories they feature and end up learning in the process.   Plus it was entertaining to see the different actors acting out the lines narrated by drunk folks.

    Did anyone watch the show?   Some of my favorites:

    The other queen of Egypt

    Claudette Colvin

    Kellogg's Corn flakes

  • Umbrella Academy

    @CretanBull :  That's awesome!   He's one of the main characters and really good in the show.

  • Umbrella Academy

    I enjoyed season 2 more than season 1.   It even made me go back and re-watch season 1 after I watched season 2.   I liked the interactions the umbrella academy folks had with each other quite a bit.   Klaus was so much fun to watch.  And Tom Hopper does a lot of subtle (and not so subtle) reactions that were a lot of fun to watch.   I also liked Alison's arch particularly when you contrast it to who she was in season 1.  And the music and cinematography was fun.  Lot's of 60's music.   Plus Kiss and Backstreet Boys for a fight scene?   Yes please.