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  • HBO’s The plot against America

    Although it takes time for things to build up, once it all comes together on the last episode you have some really great character moments.    The phone calls with Seldon, and that scene with the sandwiches, and the dinner scene were probably my favorite parts.  Really glad I watched the show.

    This show is based on a book by the same name.   I cheated and just read the plot summary on Wikipedia and looks like the show followed the book more or less with the exception of how the show ends.
  • The New Pope - Episode 3 discussion

    The Goth Pope has grown on me.   Any thoughts as to the relevance of his name (Pope John Paul III)?

    Also, wasn't it wild how they check to see if the Pope is dead by hitting them them on the head with a hammer/mallet?
    Teresa from Concord
  • Lasik - yes/no

    I did it back in 1999.   More often that I care of admit, I would fall asleep not knowing where my glasses were.  A few times ended up sleeping on them and breaking them.

    I remember being told that I might end up wearing glasses again eventually, but since I was already wearing glasses, I figured I might as well go for it and have a few years without glasses.   It's 2020 now, and I still don't have to wear glasses.
  • The New Pope - Ep.1 Podcast Discussion

    I think at the end of it, A.ron mentions on his house keeping how they were getting ready to cover the walking dead!   Crazy.   Equally crazy how well those podcasts worked given that Cecily wasn't yet full time.   While I was binging these podcasts last week, I'm so used to having A.ron, Jim, and Cecily on lunches that it felt real natural.  When it got to the end and A.ron mentioned all those old shows they were about to cover I was reminded that back then Cecily had a different full time show and wasn't officially official.   So glad Cecily is full time and contributing more.   You are doing great Cecily!
    ken hale
  • The New Pope - Ep.1 Podcast Discussion

    I liked the continuity from The New Pope.   Although the first episode felt a bit more like a sitcom on their 4th season?   Cardinal Voiello (Moleiello) and Cardinal Hernandez being played by the same actor (Silvio Orlando) almost playing as archival twins.  Viglietti being nominated as a puppet without a real vetting process (you'd think they would have learned their lesson from what happened with Lenny), then Viglietti going High Sparrow on them, and then dying.   It was funny, but perhaps a bit too silly?  I'm still going to watch the show since it was such a great experience the first time around.   I'm hopping Lenny coming back will make the show more interesting.

    By the way, I just binge watched The New Pope AND binged the bald move tv podcast.   And I'm so glad I did.   It was super enjoyable!    We need more bald move tv with A.ron, Jim, and Cecily...   all introduced in no particular order at the beginning of the pod cast for good measure (try to go first each time Cecily!).
    Teresa from Concordken hale