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  • 306 - "Certified"

    When I watched it again... the conversations between Laurie and Nora at the cliff and Laurie and Kevin at the end felt a lot deeper. "Same time next week?" "You're on." (The expression on laurie's face...). "I'm not scared" "then I'm not scared either".

    Then Laurie leaving Kevin the lighter with "don't forget me" engraved on it.

  • 304 - G'Day Melbourne

    @A_Ron_Hubbard  On the podcast you were wondering why Nora doesn't seem concerned about wanting to see her husband again.   Nora has a good reason not to want to see him; he was cheating on her with her kid's teacher.
  • 210 - "I Live Here Now"

    @ghm3 : good call on no action from the government in Jarden during the whole GR take over of the bridge and after math at Jarden. Perhaps you could bring up the fact that it was October 14th and so their attention could have been somewhere else, but that brought me to another odd part... The media. Shouldn't at least one station be covering Jarden on October 14th? You know when putting together coverage of the world's memorial ceremonies etc on October 14th someone might want to have a reporter outside the bridge to Jarden. It's a national park which owes its existence to that date. Yet not a single camera crew? And when things started to go crazy, still no coverage?

    I still loved the show and hope there is a third season :). But if not, I was satisfied from this restaurant's meal.
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  • 210 - "I Live Here Now"

    What an amazing season and season finale.

    We now know Matt didn't rape Mary. Although Mary didn't know about the baby (so Mary "telling" Matt about having to go back into town to save the baby wasn't real?).

    We know Evie gave John a cricket. Not "the cricket" but another cricket because "he wouldn't let it go."

    Michael turned on the faucet so that Erika couldn't hear Evie cry. Evie being upset at what his dad did (trying to kill their grandfather) and having to live in a place that people believed was special, knowing it was no different than anyother might have pushed her to want to show that Jarden was no different than anyother place.

    Nora running after the woman that took Lily, then throwing her self on top of her so she wouldn't be hurt. How awesome can she be?

    Kevin's "motherfucker!" Possibly the funniest moment... Next to Laurie laying down on the hospital bed and playing with the controls.

    Choosing to be a cop from mapleton as opposed to an international assassin (with no family or commitments) was a change in Kevin's attitude. "The trial, it's beneath you." "It's too easy." "It's stupid." Wanting to give up the one night stands and wanting to be "homeward bound" instead... Seems like such a simple solution to sabotaging your life.

    By the way, why do the people wanting to enter Jarden behave like such morons after getting in?

    John cleaning Kevin's wound and saying "I don't understand what's happening." Leading up to "you're home."

    Ps. After the earth quake, shouldn't John have come out to check on Kevin? Mood killer I know, but come on John :)
  • 207 - "A Most Powerful Adversary"

    @Reni  One thing that has not been mentioned, aside from the fact that yes dealing with someone with mental disabilities is challenging enough, not to mention having to take care of a baby and a person in a vegetative state, is the fact that Kevin didn't tell Nora about Patti.   That was a pretty big secret for him to keep from her.   Also, Nora probably didn't want Kevin to know where she was going because she needs to protect herself, the baby, and Mary from him.

    As a side note, I'm impressed Nora took Lily and Mary at all.   At the end of season 1, Nora was about to leave it all behind and start a new life.   Instead, she ended up taking the responsibilities of a parent for Lily, committing to a relationship with Kevin, accepting a role around Jill, taking care of her disabled sister in law (and indirectly taking care of her at times challenging Brother).   Couple that with the possibility of a departure from their neighbors' daughter from a town that was confirmed as a place with no departures, and the fact that Kevin started seeing Patti when she moved in with Kevin and the whole "lens" theory.

    By the way, on a slightly different yet related note (I hope) when she was on the call with the scientist about how "azrael" is inside her and how it might be responsible for the "chaos" around her life; add the loss of her parents to a fire, and perhaps even her older brother's cancer.    Geez.   If you let yourself believe that, how much of all the chaos around you can you feel responsible.   Like Jim said in the podcast, you can't let yourself believe all that, or it will break you.