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  • 206 - "Lens"

    @ksa1001  Thanks!   Not sure how I missed that.   Of course Nora would pick a rock and throw it at them for what they did to Matt.   As for Erika, I wonder if Erika sensed Nora's dismissal of Evie disappearance as a "second departure," and more importantly the fact that Nora can't accept Erika's strong belief:  that somehow she is responsible for Evie's disappearance because Nora can't believe that a person can be responsible for someone else's departure.

    Nora's sense of "guilt", that somehow she is responsible for the departure of her family
    could not be materialized in a worst way than having this "Lens" theory.   When confronted with it her initial reaction was denial and anger, but then when she confronted the issue head on (by asking more about the theory) as a logical person hearing about Azrael would make go "this is a bunch of BS."   Imagine if Nora was a religious person like Matt, how would he react to something like that?

    Now, the Lens theory sort of applies to Evie's disappearance (Nora was hanging out with the Murphys) but not the other 2 girls...  how does that work?   Why was Evie the only one to go, and not, say Michael?   Does Erika feel responsible for Evie's disappearance because of the whole bird in the box wish (my guess is that Erika has been wishing for Evie to be back, hence those dead birds)?

    Also we now know what the deal is with the woman with the wedding dress, the goat guy, and that John Murphy tried to kill Virgil because of something he did that requires forgiveness (and that Virgil left the pie).   I'm guessing that since Virgil is related to the Murphys, he would know the whole "leaving a bird buried in a box" to make a wish thing so him asking Erika if she wanted a bird may not be as mystical as all that, but again the show does such an interesting job in keeping things ambiguous...

  • 206 - "Lens"

    What was the deal with the rock?
  • Leftovers season 2 episode titles

    @Reni I don't know how much Jill knows either (about Holy Wayne). Although Kevin finding out about Lily is going to have and effect on him, I imagine that when Nora finds out it would have some effect on her too. And now that Tom is claiming to have those powers, how is that going to affect them? Is Jill still in touch with Tom? Would things at Jarden get so out of control that Tom and Laurie would feel complelled to go to Jarden? I assume that even if Jill and Tom are no longer in touch, he'd at least know that they moved to Jarden...

    I hope that at the end of season 2 we find out what happened to the girls.

  • 205 - "No Room At The Inn"

    @A_Ron_Hubbard im sure you've been getting a lot of emails about this but season 1 of the leftovers (expect for the flashback episodes etc) takes place 3 years after the sudden departure, hence its been at least 3 years (and possibly more than a few months) since Mary has been in this state, and Matt has been taking care of her. That makes the routines that Matt goes thru with Mary even more heart breaking.

    A very small touch I noticed that made all the difference for me is how each day the song would stop and then the song would start again from the begging as Matt started his day. Had the song been playing the entire time as a montage it may not have been as effective as having the song stop and start a few times.

    Speaking of music, I have now purchased Regina Spektor's "Lauging with", Lo-Fang's "You're the one that I want", and Ruelle's take it all. For a show that's the opposite of Glee (pun intended) it sure sells music ;)
  • 204 - "Orange Sticker"

    "There is nothing more dangerous than a man who believes in nothing."   As some one who isn't religious, I don't have a problem with that statement as much.   One can believe in love, the human spirit, etc.   You don't have to be a member of a religion to believe in something.

    As far as Matt being portrayed as someone who is seen in a positive, and glowing light...  I'm not sure I agree with that either.   He might see himself as a person always on the right (most people do!), but in my eyes, he is just as flawed as the other characters.   The campaign he had to expose all the wrong doings of the people who departed didn't make him a likable character per se, and like A.Ron pointed out, being in a prayer circle with folks claiming to be one of "the chosen ones" made me give him the same look Nora gave him as she walked away from said circle.

    I hope I'm not becoming one of those show apologist/fan boys, but I do like the show, and those are my thoughts.   If you disagree, of course, your entitled to your opinion.    This is probably the hardest show to talk to people about because I do really like it, but it's so polarizing that I'm afraid of recommending it to someone even though I wish more people would watch it.

    @A_Ron_Hubbard :  Not sure if you got some emails about "What's Next" but that was the title of the book written by the person Nora yelled at in "Guest" (season 1).   He lost 4 family members (I think parents, or older members of his family), and apparently had gotten a hug from Holy Wayne.   By the way, when you got emotional about the pet adoption and baby adoption discussion was probably one of the highlights of all of the podcasts I've heard from bald move (and I've been listening to the bald move podcasts since Mad Men Happy Hour's episodes around the time you mentioned SS Betty ;) 
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