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    Another minor observation that I forgot to mention was the relationship of the families/maids/dogs.  Dogs are treated a bit more like they are part of the family than the maids.   Maids are asked to take care of dogs (feeding them, cleaning them, and cleaning their poop).   There are probably more pictures of people with their dogs than people with their live in maids.  Yet some of these live in maids develop a bond with their employers and may even forgo getting married and having kids of their own.   A couple of years ago, I visited Guatemala and was surprised to find one of my old neighbors live in maid still living with them (now in her 70s I assume).   Never married, never had kids.   I get the feeling that she thinks of my friend as his family as her family, yet still live in a small room tucked behind the back yard and wakes up early to serve her employers...   and clean dog poop.
  • Roma

    I grew up in Guatemala in the late 70s/early 80s with live in maids from indigenous communities.   It is great to see a story that centers on their experience and tries to capture all the nuances of the relationships between them and the families that employ them.   I really appreciated their use of their indigenous language and their awkwardness in speaking Spanish, trying to figure out what was going on with their employers, and the blurred lines between family/employee.   One of the scenes that struck a cord with me was the one where they are all watching tv and it feels like they are all a family, yet in the middle of the show someone asks her to go bring something from the kitchen (iceceam?).  Yet, at the same time while she is bringing things back to them be told "hurry, you're going to miss the good part."   The relationship turns from "we are all a family watching something together" to "hey, employee go get me something."   Really well captured.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody (spoilers)

    Not sure if you've seen this interview, but if you are a fan of Remi Malek I recommend to check it out:

    It made me a bigger fan of Remi Malek.
  • BoJack Horseman was renewed for season 6


    Too bad we didn't get to hear Aron's more detailed thoughts on season 5.   Also, it looks like the creators of BoJack will be working on a new series on Amazon (it's first animated series):


    Looking forward to check both.

  • World Wide Web founder reveals plan to reinvent the internet

    I don't think the objective is for inrupt to host everyone's data.  Inrupt is the company that is backing the development of Solid - the platform to decentralize the web.   I don't fully understand it all, but from what I gather the objective is to allow users to own their data, while allowing developers to write application that access that data.   The user's data will be owned by the user and can be stored in PODs.   Users can find PODs providers, or set up their own servers to host their PODs.   The users would also have control over who you share your data with (and which sets of data).

    Here is another article I found on the subject: