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  • 202 - "A Matter of Geography"

    A couple of observations:

    How much does Jill know about Lily? Does she know about Christine and Holy Wayne?

    Is Laury still with the GR? Is Tom going to join them as well ("nobody is ok")?

    The house Nora and and Kevin were going to rent "burned down." Is that because there are people who don't want new residents? Some of the promotional material for HBO has Miracle's tourists posters and tourism videos altered to ask people to stay away... Is this all John's doing?

    Was Kevin trying to get caught for Patty's killing (and perhaps trying to drown himself?) as a way to avoid committing to a relationship with Nora and his family?

    Favorite quotes:

    Kevin sr to Kevin jr: "try not to drive her to a f*n cult, ok?"

    Jill to Kevin and Nora (after their confessions): "Do I have to say something crazy now?"

    Jill to Kevin: "Please don't f*ck this up, dad" "I'm f*cking it up?" "Well, not yet, but you're showing potential"

  • 201 - "Axis Mundi"

    About the intro...

    My take away is that the cave woman wondered why she was spared, and might have ascribed meaning to her survival.  The bird in her view might have become some type of divine spirit/god that she followed or interpreted as some type of divine sign (hence her wearing a bird feather on her hair, possibly from the bird as some type of religious symbol/good luck charm).   In the end, following the bird led her to endangering the baby, although perhaps some could argue that since she ate the bird's eggs she was punished.   Regardless, she continued to follow the bird and died in that pursuit, only to have the baby rescued (?) by someone else.   So, was the bird a divine spirit that ended up saving the baby, or was that all coincidence?

    Will we "let the mystery be", or is ascribing meaning to things just human nature?

    I loved season 1, and I'm on board for season 2 (along with "Following the Leftovers!')

    PS.  Even though I am a club member, I still listen to the free podcast because I enjoy the ads.   You guys are too funny.