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  • 207 - "A Most Powerful Adversary"

    @Reni  One thing that has not been mentioned, aside from the fact that yes dealing with someone with mental disabilities is challenging enough, not to mention having to take care of a baby and a person in a vegetative state, is the fact that Kevin didn't tell Nora about Patti.   That was a pretty big secret for him to keep from her.   Also, Nora probably didn't want Kevin to know where she was going because she needs to protect herself, the baby, and Mary from him.

    As a side note, I'm impressed Nora took Lily and Mary at all.   At the end of season 1, Nora was about to leave it all behind and start a new life.   Instead, she ended up taking the responsibilities of a parent for Lily, committing to a relationship with Kevin, accepting a role around Jill, taking care of her disabled sister in law (and indirectly taking care of her at times challenging Brother).   Couple that with the possibility of a departure from their neighbors' daughter from a town that was confirmed as a place with no departures, and the fact that Kevin started seeing Patti when she moved in with Kevin and the whole "lens" theory.

    By the way, on a slightly different yet related note (I hope) when she was on the call with the scientist about how "azrael" is inside her and how it might be responsible for the "chaos" around her life; add the loss of her parents to a fire, and perhaps even her older brother's cancer.    Geez.   If you let yourself believe that, how much of all the chaos around you can you feel responsible.   Like Jim said in the podcast, you can't let yourself believe all that, or it will break you.
  • 206 - "Lens"

    Here is a couple of Regina King interviews about this episode:



    That scene between you and Nora is one of the most terrifying moments of TV I have ever seen. It’s fascinating to me that you were able to be so evocative about things that are so uncomfortable.
    That’s part of why I love the art form, because you have the opportunity to do that and say, “I was just acting!” You don’t really have to own it. When I signed on to do The Leftovers, one of my hopes and desires was that I would get to have a scene with Carrie Coon. I didn’t know if it would happen or not, but then we got that script, and we saw it was an eight-page scene. We were working and happened to pass [each other] in the makeup trailer and we were both just like [jaw drops]. And it was that moment, when you’re looking into another actress’s eyes, when you both at the same time think without saying it, this is why I do this, this is why I do this. And no rehearsing — you know that that’s an actress who’s strong and she’s going to know her lines, and if she knows it then I’m going to know my lines. It’s just almost like going in and having a Serena-Sharapova tennis match.

    That’s intense.
    You don’t know who’s going to come out on top. It can go either way.

    Was there an emotional intensity in how you were performing as well, while were you feeling all of that?
    I get chills when I think about us that day shooting that scene. You sleep like a baby that night because you are using so much energy with an actor that really respects the art. We turn that camera on and I’m giving you 100 percent. They shot my coverage first and Carrie gave me 100 percent. I mean, the whole episode is just [Erika] talking about the birds and her family, but I mean that scene …



    Why did she throw the rock through Nora’s window at the end?

    She knew 100% without a doubt that Nora threw the rock through her window. And that eight-page scene is when she realizes Nora’s the one who threw the rock. She really had no clue before then. It was like a f–k you back moment.
  • 206 - "Lens"

    @ksa1001  Thanks!   Not sure how I missed that.   Of course Nora would pick a rock and throw it at them for what they did to Matt.   As for Erika, I wonder if Erika sensed Nora's dismissal of Evie disappearance as a "second departure," and more importantly the fact that Nora can't accept Erika's strong belief:  that somehow she is responsible for Evie's disappearance because Nora can't believe that a person can be responsible for someone else's departure.

    Nora's sense of "guilt", that somehow she is responsible for the departure of her family
    could not be materialized in a worst way than having this "Lens" theory.   When confronted with it her initial reaction was denial and anger, but then when she confronted the issue head on (by asking more about the theory) as a logical person hearing about Azrael would make go "this is a bunch of BS."   Imagine if Nora was a religious person like Matt, how would he react to something like that?

    Now, the Lens theory sort of applies to Evie's disappearance (Nora was hanging out with the Murphys) but not the other 2 girls...  how does that work?   Why was Evie the only one to go, and not, say Michael?   Does Erika feel responsible for Evie's disappearance because of the whole bird in the box wish (my guess is that Erika has been wishing for Evie to be back, hence those dead birds)?

    Also we now know what the deal is with the woman with the wedding dress, the goat guy, and that John Murphy tried to kill Virgil because of something he did that requires forgiveness (and that Virgil left the pie).   I'm guessing that since Virgil is related to the Murphys, he would know the whole "leaving a bird buried in a box" to make a wish thing so him asking Erika if she wanted a bird may not be as mystical as all that, but again the show does such an interesting job in keeping things ambiguous...

  • 206 - "Lens"

    What was the deal with the rock?
  • Leftovers season 2 episode titles

    @Reni I don't know how much Jill knows either (about Holy Wayne). Although Kevin finding out about Lily is going to have and effect on him, I imagine that when Nora finds out it would have some effect on her too. And now that Tom is claiming to have those powers, how is that going to affect them? Is Jill still in touch with Tom? Would things at Jarden get so out of control that Tom and Laurie would feel complelled to go to Jarden? I assume that even if Jill and Tom are no longer in touch, he'd at least know that they moved to Jarden...

    I hope that at the end of season 2 we find out what happened to the girls.