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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    I live in Las Vegas and our office (which employs over 1500 people) asked all of us to work from home till the end of the month.   Quite a few of my co-workers eat lunch around downtown Las Vegas.   Out of curiosity I went downtown for lunch yesterday, and the restaurants were mostly empty.   I had lunch at one of the restaurants, and a server asked me if the rumors were true that we had been asked to work from home.   I confirmed that for him, and he looked pretty concerned.

    On the Las Vegas strip, some of the large Casinos are not serving buffets anymore.    Travel to Las Vegas is down, not only of tourist but also of all folks coming for all types of conventions, concerts, etc.   Things are starting to look a little grim.
  • HBO's ‘McMillions’ Docuseries Will Go Inside McDonald’s Monopoly Game Scam

    Anyone interested in watching this?  Looks like this is a 6 part documentary series on the McDonald's monopoly game scam.

  • A video to prove Jim's claim that being a bass player isn't hard


    If you didn't hear the Lunch (I think this was mentioned in the last lunch?) Jim was only kidding of course!
  • Death Predictions for Episode 3 (No Leaks Please)

    @All the ChickensI'm with A.Ron on thinking that all dragons will have to die before the end of the show.   Although I guess maybe one of them could live as long as they need one more to reproduce (so the one dragon that survives would be the last).    I just didn't think this would happen on episode 3.
  • Roma

    Another minor observation that I forgot to mention was the relationship of the families/maids/dogs.  Dogs are treated a bit more like they are part of the family than the maids.   Maids are asked to take care of dogs (feeding them, cleaning them, and cleaning their poop).   There are probably more pictures of people with their dogs than people with their live in maids.  Yet some of these live in maids develop a bond with their employers and may even forgo getting married and having kids of their own.   A couple of years ago, I visited Guatemala and was surprised to find one of my old neighbors live in maid still living with them (now in her 70s I assume).   Never married, never had kids.   I get the feeling that she thinks of my friend as his family as her family, yet still live in a small room tucked behind the back yard and wakes up early to serve her employers...   and clean dog poop.