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  • What are you playing?

    My poor farm. I was SUPER into Stardew and then just completely fell off. And for no good reason either. I have it for PS4 but I have been considering picking it up for Switch. It just FEELS like a better Switch game.
    It does play really nice on the Switch. Plus, buying it again would support ConcernedApe and the amazing work he does. Also, unlike Animal Crossing, you can jump back in and nothing will have changed. No overgrown weeds or villagers that make you feel guilty for being away. You just need to remember what you were trying to accomplish. It's a game I play in about 2-3 month spurts. 
  • Great British Baking Show (spoilers)

    While I like Peter and think he was the overall best baker the whole series, I also feel Dave should have been the winner. At least based on what I saw in that final week. Either way, I enjoyed this series. I do think Laura is the worst baker I have seen make the finals. She narrowly kept going forward because better bakers had bad weeks.

    One change I would like to see is in the final week, don't have the bakers do a technical challenge. Those can make or break you and I'd like to see the final three bakers have a chance to do their best work in the final. Take Paul (the baker), the week he went out it was largely in part because he had no idea what the technical was (I think it was a genoise bake). If that'd have been the final, he be completely screwed just because he didn't know what it was. Also @Michelle I agree, no more ice cream cakes. I know theses challenges are planned in advance and they have no way of know when a heat wave will come but those ice cream challenges are tough to watch. 
  • The Mandalorian S2E05

    adobo1148 said:
    Sorry to show my ignorance, but what is F&F?
    Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni
  • Sappy Movies

    The Holiday. It is a must watch for my house at Christmas. 
  • The Mandalorian S2E03

    Seeing Stormtroopers always reminds me of this beauty 

    edit: don't know why my videos only share as a link. 
    Get the embed link from the share tab of the YouTube video. Then from the desktop site on the forums, toggle HTML view and copy and paste the embed link you got from the video. That should work.
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