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  • The irony (Natural Born Killers cast)

    Jim and A.Ron take the media to task for giving out names of killers because it glorifies the actions and cheapens the heinous nature of their crimes, and within 30 minutes discuss that they want a biography from a murdering cop. 

    I was a crime journalist for several years, and I can't/won't defend all the practices. But to say it's only about 'what sells' is way too cynical. The relationship between a community, the media and our fascination with criminals is far too complicated to wrap up entirely in catastrophe capitalism/rubberneck revenue.  

    And let's cool it on the idea that a journalist is in any way culpable for a mass murder just for reporting the news. People who go out and kill a bunch of people tend to not be the most stable of individuals. If you are crazy enough to commit a murder just for the ink, you probably are a giant piece of shit/insane/awful and would look for any kind of justification. Let's look to all the systems that failed to stop this person (family, social, economic, education, police, mental health) rather than rating someone like Nancy Grace (an exploitation purveyor, I admit) near the level of someone like Dylann Roof or the shit stain that shot up the airport Friday.

    That being said, I agree with the idea that we should focus on those we lost rather than the one who took them away. 

    I love the podcasts, and glad to be reminded of 'Natural Born Killers' It's been years since I've pulled out that DVD. 

  • 603 - "Oathbreaker" - spoiler thread!

    New to the Forum.

    I had a few thoughts that I would be interested to hear from book readers (which I am not, but enjoy the spoiler discussion) about.

    1) Am I reading too much into the fact that Jon gave up his warm coat to Edd on his way out of Castle Black? I get that it is a symbol of the Commander of the Nights Watch, but does he now have the same protection from the cold that Mel has? She always seems so scantily clad in the north.

    2) Is there something in the Targaryen family blood that they have purple eyes, did I hear that on the last spoilercast? If so, doesn't Edd make a point of saying that Jon's eyes are both brown? Does that conflict with the assumption that R+L=J?

    3) The Hound was mentioned far to much to be dead, right? If he was actually dead, it wouldn't be interesting that Arya was so conflicted about her emotions toward him, I would think.

    1) I don't think that was a coat; I think it was a cloak. Regardless, it's warn by the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. It's meant to denote status. So when John takes it off and hands it to Edd it is the first we see of John's rejection of his position and of the Night's Watch. It's more symbolic of his mood and position rather than his temperature. 

    2) In the books, Targaryens have a few defining features. They're all beautiful with silvery-gold hair and big, purple eyes. But the TV show hasn't been very strict with that continuity. As to R+L=J, in the books, it's noted several times that John has the Stark look, which is black hair, grey eyes and a long, horse face. He and Arya share that look with Ned. The other Stark children look like their Tully mother: red hair and big blue eyes. So, John not having purple eyes doesn't affect that theory, as he would have gotten those attributes from his Stark mom. 

    3) In the books and show, Arya leaves a mortally wounded Hound alone to die. She does not stay to watch him expire nor does she grant him the gift of mercy (euthanasia) before she leaves. We are lead to believe that he died shortly after she left him in the third book, "A Storm of Swords." However, there is a character we meet in the fourth book on the Quiet Isle, a small, monastic community Brienne and Podrick visit, who many speculate is the Hound. That person is the grave digger on this island. That character is described as being incredibly tall and muscular and walking with a limp. In the book, the Hound takes a nasty wound to the leg in his final fight. 

    The leader of the island is known for his healing abilities. And he tells Brienne that he was there when The Hound died. But it's written in such a way that he could mean it as he saw Sandor Clegane draw his last breath OR that he helped Sandor stop being The Hound, essentially meaning he helped Clegane find some peace and solace. 

    The other little hint is at this point Brienne is traveling with a septon named Meribald who has a giant dog named Dog. When they meet the grave digger (who doesn't speak and they don't see his face), the dog runs up to him and licks his hand as the grave digger pets him. If it is the Hound, (I think it is) It's a cute little nod to The Hound as well as that character's love for dogs. 

    As to Arya and her feelings toward him, she actually forgets his name is on her death list for a moment in the books. After she rides with him all that time, she stops thinking of him as just a killer and she starts to see how tortured he is. She begins to pity him, but she never forgives him for what he did to Micah. 

    Sidenote: There's a speech Septon Meribald gives in "A Feast for Crows" called the Broken Men speech. 

    Here's it in audio form:

    It's a beautiful bit of writing and one of the best in all of the books. It's not spoilery, and I don't know if they cast for Septon Meribald or not so who knows if it'll appear in the show. But if you are so inclined, you should check it out. 
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  • Someone says they've figured out who got Lucille'd, provides their evidence

    Actors keep secrets all the time. They've already stated we will see the beating on full display in Season 7. Meaning they probably already filmed it. I can't imagine they were filming this scene, pantomimed some swings of the bat and then closed up shop. Only to have to come back months later, set up all those people again and then film the beating.

    Season 7 is going to open focused on Negan. He'll be in slow motion, swinging away. We'll get a couple of reaction shots and then a shot of Glenn with his head caved in while some beautiful music plays. I'm thinking....Sarah McLaughlin's "In The Arms of an Angel."
    They haven't filmed it. When Jeffrey Dean Morgan hits the camera, there is no one else even on set. It was in the early morning hours when they were able to finally get that shot and JDM had to be back in New York later that day. The rest of the cast had gone home hours earlier. 

    Here's an EW article about the filming: http://www.ew.com/article/2016/04/04/walking-dead-season-finale-greg-nicotero-negan

    This happens all the time in TV. You can't film something for Season 6 and then use it in Season 7. Actor's contract's change, the director of the season premiere isn't going to want to use something shot by another person in the finale. He/She is going to keep the visuals in line with their take on the episode. You lose rights to a logo or you pick up a new sponsor who doesn't want you to have  Kia Sorento in the background now. It's too complicated. 

    But apparently no one knows who died. It wasnt' written in the script, and they fully expected to go into production on Season 7 without it being clear. 

    If I had to guess, they'll shoot that scene at the very end of the Front 9's shooting schedule, meaning it'll be one of the last things they film and less time for it to be leaked. Hell, they may even pay all the actors to show up on set sporadically so it'll be harder to decipher who's gone. 

    This all seems like a lot of work for a really bad decision. 

    I remember Jim and A.Ron denouncing the show after the "Welcome to the Tombs" episode where the show spent a season buildign up the governor and Rick's showdown only to push it to the next season. Gimple had just been given the show and they put the blame on Mazzarra. But what if this is all Kirkman or AMC and these lazy finales aren't an anathema?
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  • Finale spoiler tidbits

    I'm sure filming spoilers will help eliminate who isn't the victim.
    Not only that, but the SDCC trailer as well as any other Season 7 advertisement will make it blatantly obvious for most people who survives the ordeal.
    Unless they go take a page out of GoT's book and show everyone. SDCC trailer usually contains footage from the first 3-4 episodes. They could easily fill the trailer with the eenie meanie scene so that shows everyone, the bat and then showcase everyone who wasn't present and maybe some Negan/savior stuff.

    The Walking Dead is desperate to be considered along with the prestige dramas. GoT could earn Jon Snow's non-death, even if it's been spoiled by filming photos. 

    This feels like "Welcome to the Tombs" again. Just a weak ass ending where they changed the outcome to drag out cheap drama. And coming after the "Is he or isn't he dead" with Glenn this season, a cliff hanger now feels like they're just trolling us now. 
  • The Dutch are apparently cool with spoilers (New Netherland's TWD trailer spoiler filled)

    What did it say?
    Carol and Maggie have been captured by someone. We assume it's Negan's group that has them now.