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  • Star Trek: Picard (Spoilers Included)

    I’m so happy! It was way better than I thought it would be. 

    Strange that he calls his dog #1 though. That would make things a little uncomfortable if Will ever came to visit. Also I never thought this before but it’s also a little strange and on the nose that Data is called Data. What was his brothers name again?

    Update: Data’s brothers name is Lore. Ok so that would be like my dad naming my brother Johan and then naming me blood sack.. maybe not a perfect analogy.
    If a dear friend and mentor gave his sweet dog my nickname (Bean) as a name I would literally cry. I would be so honored. 

    This isn’t the crew of the Black Pearl naming the Monkey “Jack,” this is someone naming their best friend, companion, and protector (“I know you don’t intend to hurt me or else Number One would object to you”) after the name they gave you. 

    Keep the Christopher Pick Medal. My proudest honor would be having my captain, Captain Picard, name his dog after me. 
  • Commissions

    I watched media I wouldn’t have because the boys casted it on commission. 

    I’m excited about this. 
  • Chernobyl Episode 4:The Happiness of All Mankind

    BroRad33 said:
    Good episode, probably the least best so far, but still good. The puppy thing was way too predictable imo. I wonder what happens to those 90 second runners. The last scene, cut to black, was a good ending cut.
    The puppy thing should have been *worse.*. That was a true story, but although they filmed an even worse part of that encounter they cut it. They didn't want to be too gratuitous. 

    This is the actual account of a liquidator, it may be predictable because horrific things in life are horrific. 

    If this was a war movie, and we saw it implied that a soldier rapes a woman, that would also be predictable. The closer to real it is, the more obvious it becomes. 
  • Chernobyl: Episode 3. Open Wide, O Earth

    Just an interesting thought about government:
    They always work perfectly in nature.  

    Communism?  Ants and Bees have that stuff down.  They may have a 'queen,' but that is just the best equipped insect for the job of producing more ants and the rest of the colony support her in that for the common goals of the collective hive.  They act almost as a single organism.

    Socialism?  Wolf Packs.  They all contribute what they have and take what they need.  There are wolves who survive broken backs because the packs bring them food and protect them while they heal.  Then they get up and hunt again.  Wolves are super-parents, and will treat every cub as if it was their own, this is only an advantage because their own children will get that same treatment.  There are reports that Orca whales behave similarly.  

    Capitalism?  I'm going to say most other predators, and use lions as an example.  They maximize their offspring, don't really look after each other (maybe a little, but not like wolves or Orcas do). They are ruthless when it serves them, to the point of killing the offspring of rivals. 
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    asmallcat said:
    To everyone asking what the point of the night's watch is - we just had literally 7 seasons of everyone thinking the night's watch was pointless, and all got shown how wrong and short-sighted that was. An existential threat that came very close to destroying humanity just came from beyond the wall, and no one really knows what's up there except maybe some wildlings, and they don't talk to lords much. I'm pretty sure most people, especially those who participated in the long night, would think it was a pretty fucking good idea to still have a night's watch jusssst in case there's more shit up there. 
    There's a giant hole in the wall that cannot be repaired by men. And they didnt tell a story that would convince me that anyone still thinks there is a threat north of the wall that a few hundred ex-criminals can help combat, especially from a hundred miles away from said giant hole in the wall.

    The Nights Watch is useless, IMO.
    Pretty sure that was to placate Grey Worm. 

    There is no Night Watch. 

    He wont be called it, but Jon is now the King Beyond the Wall. He’s left his dragon half down south, rejoined the embodiment of his Stark heritage and is now free.