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  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    Hunkulese said:
    Yikes, I really hope the Double D's aren't the lead writers on their Star Wars trilogy. They're amazing at writing dialogue and creating really cool scenarios, but they couldn't give less fucks about kind of narrative logic.

    The episode on its own wasn't awful but they actually managed to make 8X05 worse with the attempts to rationalize what happened. Dany's victory speech, the Tyrion and Jon conversation, and the Dany Jon conversations made it so much worse. She's still talking about liberating people from tyranny when she just killed all the people who were being devastated by tyranny? Cersei was using the people as a weapon, so she just killed the people instead of Cersei?

    Why the fuck would Drogon not immediately incinerate Jon instead of coming to the realization that it was the chair that caused all the drama?

         I think Drogon was connected to Dany emotionally somehow.  He knew Dany loved Jon.  He didn't kill Jon because Dany wouldn't have--I know everyone thought she would, but I think she would have locked him away forever before killing him.

    How would the unsullied know that Jon stabbed her since Drogon flew away with the body?

        Really?  You know Jon told them, right?

    In what universe does Grey Worm not immediately end Jon and probably Tyrion?

         Its possible someone else got there first.

    In what universe do the unsullied suddenly decide they're going to become a part of the Westerosi politics only to peace out immediately after?

          They wanted Justice.  That's all.  They didn't want to stay in Westeros, they're going to defend Nath in Missandei's honor.

    Did no one know that the Night's Watch wasn't a thing anymore since they all died and their entire reason for being was gone?

         Grey Worm doesn't understand it, he thinks they're sending Jonto a Super Max Prison.  They sent him there to set him free.

    More gremlin water on the Dothraki?
         Not sure what this means, except they multiply?

    Can a person who can't do stairs be king?


  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    Drogon mourning his mommy. I actually had tears. 

    He burned the throne. It corrupted her. I think he understood what Jon had to do. 
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  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    I think Sansa betraying Jon is going to fuck her over. Last time this happened, Lady got killed. This is bad. 

    She swore.   She swore. 

    In a Godswood. 

    Its the secret her father kept for his entire adult life. 

    And she betrayed it in a day. 

    She thinks she’s being clever. She is soooo screwed. 
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  • 803 - “The Long Night”

    I didn’t love Ghost going into battle with the Dothraki, he should have stayed and guarded Sansa. How bad ass would it have been to see him protecting the crypt?  Maybe he’s still salty she got his sister killed. 

    I did love the way Ghost was running, teeth bared in anticipation...  the lead up was really good. 
  • 802 - “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”

    I like Clark, I think she’s acted the hell out of that scene in the crypts. 

    Anyone else not not loving them sending all the vulnerable people down into the caves full of dead people?

    Loved Jorah and Lyanna, that was a cool scene. 
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