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  • Ozark Season 3

    I really enjoyed seasons 1 and 2. I’ve seen the first two episodes of the latest season and I haven’t been disappointed. Julia Garner’s Ruth is a joy to behold. 
  • Congratulations Cecily and Baldmove!!!

    Wait - I’ve been out of the loop. Has Cecily joined the team full time?
    Me too! Big time! I'm back and find BM just got bigger and better!! Well done!
  • If you haven’t checked out Dark on Netflix, get on that

    Another great European show up there with Les Revenants, Suburra, Casa de Papel, Line of Duty.
  • Forget Mindhunter, watch Suburra: Blood on Rome instead

    OMG! Love this! Just two episodes in and I am HOOKED! I'm not into Italian "fiction" (as it is called over there) but hey, this is a cut well-above the rest. Recommended.
  • 307 - The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother)

    Ok can't sleep so I rewatched a pivotal scene from Season 2 when back-from-the-dead Patti confronts Kevin in Jardin and makes him face the bare-naked truth: she tells him he simply wants what she had wanted: to die. She lets him know she'd watched him take a piece of rope, tie it to a cinder block and jump into a lake. "Divine intervention" saved him (Patti's words not mine).

    Think about it. The departure had traumatised an already pretty frazzled Kevin Garvey. He was unhappy: with his family, the house he lived in, his job. He felt the need for more, for something else. He tries opening up to his Dad about it all. His Dad tells him to be thankful for what he has since that's all he's going to get. We also know that even Jill had caught onto the fact that Kevin was unhappy. In that same episode "The Garveys at their Best" she tells Tommy that she thinks Kevin is about to walk out on them.

    So when the departure comes round, what's Kevin doing? Cheating on his wife. " I am not a good person" he tells the woman before they get down and dirty. Half way through the act, poof, she's gone. That was all Kevin needed, besides the guilt, the unhappiness, the longing to get away.
    That's the trauma he's having to deal with throughout. Besides his very possible psychotic state. Like father like son?

    Nora, in Patti's brutally honest assessment, is simply damage control. What Kevin truly wants is to die. Anything, to feel weightless again.

    On to Laurie now. Her suicide, her death wish seems to have caught us by surprise. Yet she'd been strugggling too before the departure, probably sensing all was not well marriage-wise. She's a psychiatrist/psychologist after all. She tries to control the damage by getting a dog. And she's pregnant. With a child she knows Kevin doesn't want. Neither does she. Yet when she finally faces facts and gets an ultrasound done before she decides what to do (before there's no turning back), bam! Her problem is whisked right away from her. Her baby's been zapped right out of her womb. No choice of hers.

    So bottom line: if Laurie finally realised what it is she needed to do, then it's probably time now for Kevin to face up to the facts. Yes, he fucked up with Nora. Same as he did with Laurie. But Nora was just damage control. A toxic co-dependent relationship. He'll probably go scuba diving too.

    Leaving Nora/Sarah to deliver doves and, just like Peter in the Bible, deny she ever knew a Kevin Garvey.

    Felt like a ramble...