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  • The Baldies 2020 discussion

    How did the actors of Better Call Saul not even make it into the deliberations? Major oversight or maybe I missed it. 
  • The Baldies 2020 discussion

    MFG said:
    I completely missed the listener vote this year :( Was there an email or a forum thread? I was surprised that there was not a single mention of "I May Destroy You" in any of the categories, in my opinion the best drama (and biggest miss) this year. I don't know any other show like it, really thought provoking.
    It was mentioned in the deliberations for biggest miss around the 23 minute mark. 
  • Started watching Ozark

    Freddy said:
    The problem with Ozark is that the show should of ended with a bullet in Jason Bateman's head in the very first episode. The idea that the cartel would spare him in that situation requires so much suspension of disbelief that the show now has to be viewed as pure fantasy instead of a realistic drama.

    I think it's certainly what would happen most times, but the mob guy wanted see if Bateman's character (Marty) could pull off the thing he clearly pulled out of his butt to live. You find out later a little bit more why he left Marty alive and the other ones dead, but ultimately they are not idiots, just psychopaths. They are still about making money and they know that Marty is a very valuable asset. I just don't think it's that much of a stretch for the mob guy to let him live to make the cartel more money, especially considering he knows Marty wasn't a part of the stealing and he wants to see if he can do the crazy thing he just proposed. Again, it makes more sense later on in the season, but I still think it makes sense without the later context. 
  • Robes. Yay or nay?

    Name a more iconic look. I'll wait. 

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  • Dexter is coming back for a limited series run


    Dexter is coming back in fall 2021 with Michael C. Hall as Dexter and the showrunner for the first 4 seasons Clyde Phillips. I'm honestly excited for this even though it is my second biggest TV show ending disappointment. It ended so poorly that I couldn't even finish the last two episodes of the last season. Three of the first four seasons are pretty good, though, and the fact that it's only going to be for 10 episodes makes me think that it could work. My hope is they don't try to continue the previous story unless they only mention it in passing and then continue with something new.