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  • Problems with Al and Joe edition of Watching Dead for episode 906

    Hey @A_Ron_Hubbard, you can tell AL and Joe that if they need help editing the podcast, I work cheap! That snafu with theme song at the beginning is rookie shit! I'd be more than willing to help them out.
    It honestly baffles me how they messed that up. I mean, we are dealing with a couple of audio engineering wizards who were able to compress their microphones or something to sound exactly like Jim and A_Ron, but couldn't figure out when to play the intro or start the recording before they started speaking? 
  • Ozark Season 3

    I signed up for Netflix again just for this show and I wasn't disappointed. The acting and directing is great, and there is some truly heartbreaking moments with one of the new characters. I have a bit of a problem with some of the characters doing dumb things for reasons that aren't especially clear other than it adds to the drama, but they do just enough to make me believe that it isn't inconsistent behavior so I just kinda wave my hand at it. The money laundering problem solving is my favorite part of the show, so I hope this new development doesn't take away from that. 
  • 506 - Wexler v. Goodman (Spoilers)

    I think the open and close of the episode are closely related. Both have loved ones of Kim letting her down when she was expecting them to be there for her. Both spend a lot of time trying to convince her that it's no big deal and she's making too much of it. Both involve alcohol, but for different reasons. The cold open ended with Kim's mom giving up and driving home(presumably), but the ending concluded with Kim either doing the same or doubling down. I wonder if Kim will do the same and give up or maybe she later doubled down as a kid and never went back home. Either way, I'm seriously loving this season and it sucks for anybody that gave up on it. I think Rhea Seehorn is at the peak level of understanding her character and performing it on screen. 
  • Fargo Season 4

  • 503 - The Guy for This (Spoilers)

    So, this episode was a lot of setting up pieces around the board... hopefully for them to pay off with some exciting moves in the episode(s) to come.

    Breaking Bad had its fair share of these too, but I’ve done more toe-tapping this (and last season) than I would’ve liked. BCS is still a very, very good show, and I still think it’s worthy of Breaking Bad, but I have to agree with Aron... if it had been 4 (or so) seasons as opposed to 6, it arguably could’ve reached that next level.
    Comments like these make me feel like I'm watching a different show than other people. Episodes like this are exactly what I'm looking for with this show. The entire show is moving pieces around the bored for things that have already happened. I'm just not sure what "exciting" thing people are waiting for. This is what the show has always been. The only thing that didn't work for me is Mike "Jason Bourne" Ehrmantraut. 
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