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  • Season 8 Trailer

    Counting the days...rewatched all seasons...purchased my GoT socks...ready to send out invites to my Season 8 party...what could go wrong? All I need to do is wait for air date. And then my world explodes. I am still on vacation April 14! Nooooo! I won't be able to watch it until the 17th. No hosting my season 8 party. Must avoid ALL social media. This is a nightmare.
    This post was a roller coaster of emotions. 
  • Baldies pre-game

    I really hope this is the place where Atlanta finally gets its due. I think it was easily the best comedy among a slew of really good comedies this year. It probably won't because I don't think Jim watches it. Very sad. 
  • What are your favorite game shows

    There is a difference between game shows and competition shows. There needs to be a game played for it to be a game show. Who is the best model or tattoo artist is a competition and not a game. 
  • 704 - The Spoils of War - SPOILERS FROM LEAKED EPISODE

    I've been trying not to complain about the jet-paking, but Je-sus. Do these people live on the same tiny planet from Rick and Morty? That being said, the dragon melting an entire army was fucking cool. They also hedged every line and made the results mostly satisfying. They showed the power of the scorpion, but didn't kill a dragon. They let the Lannisters keep the gold, but had a heavy blow dealt. They had Jon validate Tyrion's plan, but we still understand that it had major flaws. I find it really hard to believe that we will get a bigger action scene than this episode, but they usually leave the biggest for the 2nd to last episode of the season. Can it really get more action packed than that?  
  • 701-"Dragonstone"

    One thing I liked about the montage is it shows how they train people to be maesters. You can't very well be a maester and throw up everytime you see shit, piss, blood, and other gross things like scales on a person. By the end of your term, you have seen enough gross stuff to harden you for life.