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  • 901 - A New Beginning

    Okay episode.

    But the writing is still silly at times. Like, what kind of glass floor in a museum would crack under the weight of a wooden wagon? It's in the middle of a museum: that floor was designed to withstand the weight of two hundred people. You could probably drive a tank over there and nothing would happen. The impact of a rotting zombie falling down from 7 meters up is not going to change any of that.

    And then when the wagon gets stuck in the mud... you're going to pull it out with men power rather than horse power. Laughable. A horse is stronger than 10 rick grimes, even if it's a bit tired. And why do they panic when a small-ish group of walkers arrive? If our group of bad-asses simply work together for 2 minutes, they can safely clear out those zombies. You know, like they do AFTER the kid has been bitten. But no... first they abandon the goods (and a horse) and let the kid get bitten, and THEN they decide to simply take out all the walkers.
  • 4.04 Talk

    Hatorian said:
    regarding Nacho helping out he had a few reasons.

    1. I think he needed at least one of the cousins to survive to confirm the theft. If both cousins died not only does it make things look sketchy for Gus but it also severely weakens the Salamanca’s to the point they have no one running the gang. I don’t think Gus wanted that. Plus that would also put Nacho in an even deeper position now being the most senior Salamanca member. Something he didn’t want. 

    2. nacho might have felt duty to help given what the cousins did for him. They could have executed him or left him to die. But they saved him and went above and beyond. I mean they literally gave their blood for him. Maybe Nacho felt he had to help given his life was saved. 

    I think when the pick-up truck with reinforcements arrived (threatening to surprise the cousins in the back), Nacho started to worry the Cousins would lose this gun fight. If one or both of them got captured by the rival gang as a result, it wouldn't be long before someone figured out Gus had been playing them against each other.

    I think this is why Gus and Nacho wanted to go in with much more men and firepower, so that they could have quickly taken out the entire rival gang, and made sure no information was exchanged with the Salamancas about where they got the drugs from.
  • 80s/90s Alt Rock/New Wave Appreciation Thread

    dEUS (From Antwerp, Belgium). The best alt-rock band you've likely never heard of.

  • Petty grievances

    I guess I am lucky because I have rarely run into issues in ladies' rooms. There was a time several years ago when I was working in a PROFESSIONAL BUILDING where there was one floor where there was a single ladies' room and a single men's room, but there was a construction project near the men's room so they used the ladies' for a while and within a week it was DISGUSTING. 

    A week? In what kind of professional building are the toilets not cleaned every day?
  • Petty grievances

    JaimieT said:
    To everyone talking about taxing sodas... you just mean sugary sodas right? If not, please explain. I often drink diet sodas and I think it's the health equivalent of eating produce that's been exposed to pesticides. Not the best, not yet proven to be horrible. 

    The acids in soda *and* diet soda are proven to be pretty horrible for your teeth. Especially for people who drink them throughout the day (not just once a day at dinner or something), it erodes/softens their protective layer of enamel and leads to tooth decay.

    Don't know whether this justifies a soda tax that also covers diet soda. But maybe this is part of the reason they got included?

    My dentist the other day commented how she sees especially young people come in with very bad enamel because they drink (diet) soda or energy drink whenever they are thirsty.