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  • World Cup 2018

    amyja89 said:
    Melonusk said:
    I just don't understand why there is this trend which states that every worldcup winner or/and runner up must be pathetic in the next world cup.

    I'm still very unconvinved by Brazil, even though they're above the likes of France Portugal or Argentina. Don't understand how Spain plays. I'll be damned but it seems like Croatia, Belgium & Columbia are my top choices this year...
    I see it this way. To win a World Cup, you need to have pretty much a golden generation of players, all hitting their prime at the same time sprinkled with a few magic younger and older individuals. Four years later, those players are no longer in their prime, the older ones are no longer in the squad, and only the young starlets are left. Four years is a long time in a football career.

    Hmmm... I think it's because the older players ARE still in the squad, that causes the dramatic downfall 4 years later. They are the heroes who brought success 4 years earlier, so they keep their position in the team no matter what. Loyalty leeds to a lack of competition in and renewal of the team.

    Prime examples are Germany 2018 (Ozil, Khadira, Mueller, ...), Spain 2014 (Casillas, Xavi, David Silva, ...) and the clearest example of all: France 2002 (Desailly, Leboeuf, Djorkaeff, ...)

  • Petty grievances

    Abled people who use the (combined) disabled/childcare bathroom. Especially at airports.

    Last week at the airport, I had been waiting for quite a while with my 2 children. Finally, a guy comes out, awkward smile on his face (a smile that says "yeah, I know I'm not supposed to take my dump in here, but ...")

    This was already the second time this happened during the same trip, and it's super annoying. So I confronted this particular guy and asked (and I know this is not PC): "how the hell are you disabled?" And then he replied "I'm not, but all the normal bathrooms were taken". To which I said (while gently pushing my kids inside) "Well, then you just wait, asshole" and slammed the door behind us.

    Except of course, I did really say asshole. I only thought it.

  • World Cup 2018

    Seeing as my home country - Holland - is going through Seven Lean Years (I hope it's seven, but it might take longer for a new, talented generation to arrive), I will support our neighbors Belgium (even though they are making fun of us for not qualifying)
  • World Cup 2018

    Noel said:
    Chinaski said:
    my soul still aches from 2014 and that Netherlands game. bounce back time 4 years later! vamonos Alemania! CHICHARITO!! 
    Clearly a penalty. But don't worry; this year, Robben won't be too fast and nimble for the Mexican defenders.
  • 206 - Phase Space

    KingKobra said:

    There was some discussion in the podcast about Maeve "naively" leaving her gang behind and approaching her daughter's house alone and unprotected. I thought Maeve probably just didn't want to freak out her daughter by showing up with a bunch of tough looking bandits. Also, she must have anticipated a very personal, emotional moment between her and her daughter... maybe she wanted a bit of privacy.
    Don’t we as humans always “hope for the best” even if we KNOW sometimes the outcome?

    That's why we keep buying lottery tickets, isn't it...