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  • What grinds my gears (today)

    Morris88 said:
    But one thing ARon claims is that low level, non violent drug offenders are sent to jail for long periods of time. This is a complete fallacy. Generally, police and prosecutors do not care or want to deal with low level drug offenses. Besides being a waste of time, it also takes up too much room in the jails and costs hours of pointless paperwork. On top of that, it wouldn’t be the police putting these people in jail, it would be the judicial system. Anyway, I felt that this needed rectified.

    Two facts:

    1. While the United States represents about 4.4 percent of the world's population, it houses around 22 percent of the world's prisoners.
    2. About 1 of 10 prisoners in the US is in jail for a minor drug offense (e.g. possession of drugs, or minor trafficking of marijuana)

    Based on these numbers, it seems clear that the US judicial system is really eager to put people in jail for minor drug offenses. So how is what ARon said a fallacy?

  • MR ROBOT FINALE 4.12, 4.13

    Peeps said:
    Rewatching season 1 and episode 4 makes so much sense now.

    YES. I only just realized the scene with Angela in her wedding dress, where she says "You're not Elliot, your the M..." is both in S01E04 and in S04E13. She also says "you were born only a month ago" in that same (S01E04) episode, but we all assumed he was just tripping from the drugs.
  • Do you wear a watch these days?

    Never owned a nice watch, but when I turned 40 a few years ago... I felt it was time.
    Defakto is a small German watchmaker that manufactures minimal design watches.

  • Do you wear a watch these days?

    asmallcat said:
    So, I actually wear a Withings Move (I think they are owned by Nokia now, though, so they might be branded as Nokia moves now?) ....... 

    Nokia owned that business for a few years. But now they have divested, and Withings has been re-rebranded as Withings again. Time is a flat circle.
  • Woman's World Cup 2019

    amyja89 said:
    adobo1148 said:
    Question about the rules, a cammeronian player kicked a ball to their GK and the GK picked up the ball which is I didn’t know is against the rules. When can a GK pick up a ball and when can’t they?
    A keeper can pick up a header from a teammate, as well as any kind of shot or header from an opponent. They can’t touch a ball that has been deemed deliberately passed back to them by a teammate, they can only kick or head it away. The punishment is an indirect free kick from where ever the keeper touches the ball.

    One of the best rule changes ever imo. I still remember when goalies were allowed to pick up a ball that was passed back to them by their team mate, and that enabled a team to slow down the game almost to a complete stand-still.