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    redlancer said:
    How did Gregory get back to the compound? he left at the same time as the other escapees from Hilltop, by while they had a layover at the random bar Gregory just appears back at the saviors place?

    I thought these places were supposed to be at least a little far from each other. Are we supposed to believe that the guy who has never really left his place at Hilltop now can travel for days on foot through the semi-wilderness by himself and make it to a place where he probably doesn't even quite remember the location of?

    When he suddenly appeared in the opening scene I thought that the implication was that he was the one who was picked up by Negan, but that wasn't the case either. Did I miss a scene where he had a vehicle, or ran into some other savior patrols?


    There's only one logical conclusion. Gregory is the mysterious helicopter pilot.

    Oops, spoiler. Sorry.
  • IT Follows solutions

    I am dying to know how this all started. But then again I don't want to know either because that would ruin the mystery of the thing. 

    Pretty sure it involved two guys and the unspeakable things they did to a tribe of innocent bonobos.
  • The Last Jedi (Spoilers Section)

    Fun fact: the Porgs are just puffins, which the film crew couldn't get rid of.


    Because Skellig Michael (aka Luke’s Island) is so covered with the birds, it was easier for the VFX team to just work with them than try and cut them out of the movie.

  • Twin Peaks - Part 17 & 18 (two part Finale).

    Came across this theory, which I think is super interesting.


  • Anti-Pseudoscience Thread!

    A lot of the claims against Monsanto are unsubstantiated and reasearch shows that pesticides are only toxic if you ingest an amount farrrrr above any trace amounts on the food we eat. It's really scare and marketing tactics
    The thing with pesticides is that it is very hard to study for the negative effects. This is because these negative effects often take years or decades to manifest.

    I know this is an oversimplification, but pesticides are literally poison. I believe that ingesting trace amounts of poison every day of your life will have a negative effect on your health eventually.

    But this is equally true for the natural pesticides used in organic farming

    That's true, but I believe that natural pesticides are less effective (therefore less harmful) and they might naturally degrade more easily.

    So, while they might still have a negative effect on your health, they are less harmful than artificial pesticides.

    You believe something... but there's no scientific basis for it.

    As far as I know:
    1) Natural pesticides are less effective/precise, therefore farmers need to use more of it.
    2) Synthetic pesticides are tested more extensively for health effects.