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  • "If you're going to charge me 4 times more, you'd better increase the club membership's value"

    For me, Bald Move has a been a major part of my commute for many years and $48 is a no-brainer and I will absolutely be switching over to that plan, but I can also understand why people would struggle with the decision of whether to pay that price or not.
    I don't understand why this is a hold-up for the majority of us. I'm not suggesting that financial realities are the same for everybody, but seriously, if a cup of coffee for $4-8 seems like a reasonable thing, then skip -one- per month. It's not like they are asking for HBO-size "you're so lucky to be looking at us" fees, right?

    Let's try a though experiment. Imagine you're in a coffee shop. And they give you a  simple choice:

    1) A coffee of your liking, for the price of $5
    2) The same coffee for free, if you are willing to listen to a 30 seconds commercial for Casper mattresses

    It doesn't matter whether you can afford the $5 or not, the vast majority is going to choose option 2.

    Of course, we can hope that this behavior changes when customers become aware that the coffee shop might have to close its door soon. Or if the $5 coffee comes with some awesome additional benefits.

  • "If you're going to charge me 4 times more, you'd better increase the club membership's value"

    @michielterlouw Members can already watch live recordings of the more popular casts. If someone is *that* interested, they will watch it live. I don't think putting it up 5 minutes after would make that much of a difference...

    Well, maybe this is more a personal thingy for me. I often eagerly await the podcast, so if I can get the content sooner .... that's added value to me. I listen to the live recording sometimes, but because of the format (youtube), I cannot use my phone for anything else, it drains my battery and skipping forward or backward is hard.
  • "If you're going to charge me 4 times more, you'd better increase the club membership's value"

    Hope I don't sound like an ass, but I think we're fooling ourselves if we think people will sign up for a 48 dollar membership when we know from previous years that only a tiny percentage signed up for the 12 dollar membership.

    Looking back, I  joined the club after quite a long time consuming their content for free. And the only reason I signed up, is because I wanted to support Baldmove, and because 12 dollars is such a low hurdle. On the other hand, the reason it took a long time for me to open my wallet, is that ... the membership just doesn't offer much added value. I get podcasts without ads, but I don't really mind the ads (they are usually quite funny). And then you get Lunch... but sorry, I am not going to pay 48 dollars to listen to 2 guys talking about their trips to the lake, and which video game they are playing. For that kind of stuff I just have lunch with my colleagues (sorry, no offense to anyone who is a loyal LWJA fan).

    To cut a long story short, there needs to be a clearer distinction between "free" and "membership". A distinction that the homo economicus understand, and goes beyond the "I want to support these guys because they are so nice" incentive.

    Here's my 2 cents:

    As a member, I would like to get my podcasts (the unedited version, I guess) before everybody else. Not as a video, but as a podcast audio-file in my itunes library. Non-members need to wait a day. 

    As a member, I want to be able to give listener-feedback about the shows. Non-members cannot send in feedback. Or if they can... it is discussed only later in the show, after the members-feedback has been taken care of (and only if there's some time left)

    Or maybe the distinction is that members are mentioned by name when they send in feedback which is discussed on the show, whereas non-member's feedback is anonymous.

    I realize this sounds artificial, but I think people experience enormous value when the podcast-hosts take the time and energy to answer their question, and I think this feeling ("5 minutes of fame") should somehow be used to set the membership apart from the free stuff.

    You could take this one step further by somehow having members given the opportunity to call in their question over Skype or have some way to make them a part of the show.

    There needs to be content that is only accessible to members, and that is related to the shows that I love (for example GoT). In other words, if I come to Baldmove because of their GoT podcasts, it would be smart to offer me additional GoT content that requires me to sign up as a member. Maybe the Spoilore editions, or special in-between season episodes.

    What am I forgetting?

  • 205 - "eps2.3_logic-b0mb.hc"


    People from Denmark speak Danish. Joanna is (and speaks) Danish.
    People from The Netherlands speak Dutch.
    Dutch is not Danish.
  • 605 - "The Door" No Spoilers!

    I also wonder if there's a way for Bran to get that mark off himself. What if they destroy all the WWs and then Bran turns into one after he dies? Maybe a bit too horror story trope for this story.

    Or ...

    He chops off his lower arm and attaches a chainsaw to the stomp.
    Then he turns around and fights his way through an army of WW's himself.
    - end credits -

    (I haven't figured out the small complication of him being a cripple yet)