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  • The Handmaid's Tale - Season 3

    @Michelle gotcha :)
  • Expanse Book Club - Tiamat's Wrath (FULL SPOILERS FOR THE BOOK)

    Ahhh thanks @Marci. I definitely had the show and the books mixed up then about Kit!
  • The Handmaid's Tale - Season 3

    I'm going to keep watching, but these first 3 episodes were boring to me. A slow burn is okay, but I feel like they could have told the story so far in just one episode. Spoilers in case someone hasn't seen it:
    So many pointless things, like that finger-glove thingy for Serena; frankly, what was the point of that? To hide her finger? The green would just attract so much more attention, and everyone already knew what happened to her anyway. And it wouldn't keep her wound any cleaner or more protected than just a regular bandage. No, the only point was so that she could dramatically take it off. * eyeroll *
    I have a hard time connecting to these characters emotionally too, even though I did in the past. The show just doesn't make me feel anything anymore. Perhaps that's because of the lack of "under his eye" as johnnytruant said, there doesn't seem to be any looming danger to anyone. I'm fed up with June - she breaks all the rules all the time, is disrespectful to every commander, and yet for some miraculous fucking reason called plot armor not only is she still alive, but she gets shown secret locations and gets to make high level decisions and practically becomes a resistance leader? Come onnnn. Commander Lawrence flip-flops between aiding the resistance and being a psychopathic asshole without any rhyme or reason, and that's supposed to keep you guessing, but in my eyes without any character work it's just lazy writing.

    Also, yesterday an interview popped up on my FB feed with Chris Meloni, saying he's been added to the show as a series regular. Sorry, but three episodes in and the new regular hasn't even showed up yet? I have a feeling this season will have some pacing issues (and perhaps already does...)
  • What is the actual justification for not using Russian/Eastern European actors for Chernobyl?

    I wouldn't be able to watch it if it was Russian actors speaking English or English actors doing a Russian accent. Unless the accent is relevant to the story (eg. someone is a foreigner in a certain country) it's just forced and stupid.

    And even if they did straight Russian with subtitles, I don't know that they'd be able to make it 100% accurate. Sure, the Soviet Union's official language was Russian. But Chernobyl is in the Ukraine. Ulana is from Minsk, Belarus. Most politicians were from all over the place, I'd guess. They would all know Russian because they had to (I'm Hungarian, and even though Hungary wasn't even part of the USSR, learning Russian in school was obligatory for everyone for decades). But they'd all have different accents and they couldn't do it justice - just like when people were pissed about the Spanish accents in Narcos. I think 100% accuracy just simply isn't possible in any case, so they might as well go for something neutral and uniform.
  • Which show had the worst finale?

    Just thought of another one that was very disappointing to me - Penny Dreadful. The third season started out amazingly, each week I couldn't wait for the next episode, they were even actively setting up for a season 4 storyline - and then the final 2-3 episodes were a freaking trainwreck.