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  • 306 - Hunters in the Dark

    I am pretty confused by this page that was shown of Amelia's book...

    Particularly by whatever she described on the left page which seems like some sort of car accident. When did this happen? Is this when something happened to their daughter? She mentions looking for her phone. her book came out around 1990 so I doubt she would've had a cell phone then (and of course they wouldn't have had their daughter)... Is this the sequel/updated version? The title is the same as her 1990 book. As for this Ed dude, the only character I could find is this but wasn't he killed by Woodard?
    I just really don't know what's going on here. I do believe her book was mentioned to be literary nonfiction, so I doubt it's all just made up, but I have trouble placing it in the timeline.
  • The Many Saints of Newark (The Sopranos prequel)

    OpusWho said:
    I never dreamed it would actually have Tony in it...I could not have been more shocked that it was the younger Gandolfini in the Deuce. 

    Same - I knew he looked vaguely familiar but it was such a small part I never bothered looking him up.

    Thanks @FernNYC17 for the lunch question, I was about to do that too :)
  • The Many Saints of Newark (The Sopranos prequel)

    FernNYC17 said:
    Could this be a trigger for Bald move to do a Sopranos Retrospective podcasts of each season leading up to the movie???? I can Dream can't I!
    That would be awesome. I think they recently had a Sopranos question on a lunch, but I'm not sure they know about the upcoming movie.
  • This Is Us- Season 3

    This last episode! Wow. It was the first one since I can't remember when that made me cry. Kevin used to annoy the hell out of me and now he's probably my favorite. It was so well edited at the end when little Kevin got the "a child either repeats his fathers mistakes or corrects them", and then adult Kevin turned to go back to Nicky. Full waterworks here.
  • The Many Saints of Newark (The Sopranos prequel)

    There's been a number of casting news popping up recently so thought I'd bump this thread. Just read that James Gandolfini's son (who plays Bobby's son on The Deuce) will play young Tony Soprano. The looks are there for sure, one can only hope the acting will hold up as well!
    Other cast members include Jon Bernthal, Vera Farmiga and Corey Stoll.
    Alan Taylor will be directing, he also did a bunch of original Sopranos episodes.

    The more I hear about it, the more stoked I am. And since it's been in the works for years, I hope it will be honed to perfection.