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  • Are my BM Texas folks okay?

    Freddy said:
    The aftermath of this is going to be rather interesting. Our mayor just posted a graphic showing that our municipal electric company paid more in the last 4 days than it did in the last two years combined, and that's with most people just flat out not even getting any of that power for any meaningful amount of time.

    So what exactly happened here? Did the electric companies jack up the price 3000%? 
  • What are you playing? Board game edition!

    Haven't had a chance to reply to this, but wanted to mention that humble bundle of running a tabletop bundle right now. You get Terraforming Mars, Splendor and a few other games for 10 dollars. Well worth it imo! 
  • The Sopranos

    Count me in on the 'I should do a rewatch' train. All of this talk about it got me interested again. Wonder if I could catch up before the next off the clock? 
    FreddyEine Frau
  • What are you binging right now?

    Started the Flight Attendant. I’m hooked!
    I Binged the Flight Attendant. That was fun. I also binged Cobra Kai (IDK Why) it's not like it's great, but once you start you want to see what's next and each episode is so short it's not a major commitment.
    But by far my favorite Re-Binge was watching Counterpart. What a totally underrated show. Just seeing how jacked up J.K. Simmons got for that show at his age was impressive enough. I would have loved to see another season or 2, but I think 2 seasons was actually perfect. 
    I looked up Counterpart (I had not heard of it previously) and it jumped to the top of my stuff to watch list. It's included in Prime so I'll be checking it out soon. Thanks! 
    Teresa from ConcordElisa
  • Fantasy Football 2020?

    Message me if you need an extra for the league next year. Sounds like a fun league!