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  • Dumb/Funny Things That You Thought Were True When You Were a Kid....

    My grandfather was a blue collar worker (sanitation, parks cleanup etc.) and always voted Republican. As a kid I always thought the Republican party cared about the working class. What a sweet summer child I was. 
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  • DEVS

    Elisa said:
    Omg this is so good. I am a big fan of Ex Machina and Annihilation so I had to check this out. 

    Quantum Computing, Crazy Silicon Valley Top Dig, Predictive Theory, Spies.  If you guys like Mr Robot or Westworld, I would definitely give this a look. 

    Haven't heard anything about this show, but I think you sold me. :)
  • Anyone else still pulling for Dany?

    I'm rooting for Emilia Clarke to run onto the screen in one of those behind the episode scenes and light the double D's on fire. 
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  • 805 - The Bells

    Giovanni said:
    Giovanni said:
    Dany has always had an issue with impulse control.I see a lot of people saying, “why would she burn the city? She already won.” Earlier in this same episode she told Jon that she had experienced no love at all since she arrived in Westeros and then basically gets friend zoned by one of the few people who does love her. So she literally said, “Fear,then” and “mercy will not be our weakness anymore.” All that said, in her victory moment staring at the red keep and hearing the bells ringing for “mercy” she’s probably re-playing all the shit she’s been through since arriving in Westeros. All the times she chose “mercy” and lost her own people. And in this moment she must decide again between mercy or fear and obviously she decides fear. She has always been entitled and in her mind probably already sees anyone who stayed loyal to Cersei by even staying in King’s Landing, an enemy. And what does she doe to enemies? Dracarys
    Your making this into a black or white issue. She doesn't need to kill an entire city (including her army) to instill fear into her enemies. She could have done a hundred other things that were a little less extreme. She could have flown up to the Red Keep and roasted Cersei and all the people inside there. She could have executed everyone who stood against her after the battle. There are plenty of ways she could inspired fear without going bat shit crazy villian. Why did she go crazy? Cause the show runners need her too, but for me they didn't do enough to earn it.

    The same way I didn't think Sansa withholding information from Jon in Battle of the Bastards was earned. There are plenty of other examples of them eneeding the plot to go in a certain direction but not making it believable. 
    But now you’re making into a “she could’ve done this or that”. She has a history of impulse control and actually going extreme with those impulses and she made a bad impulsive decision. It’s no different than arguing a refs bad call during a sports game. Does this ref have a history of making poor calls? Yes, but that doesn’t stop him from making them again in the future 
    I dare you to give one example of an impulsive decision she made that even comes close to murdering a million people for no practical reason. She knew her own soldiers were fighting down there, when has she ever indiscriminately killed those loyal to her?

     Maybe it worked for you, but it didn't for me and plenty others.

    That’s like if some piece of shit murders his wife after years of abuse someone saying “show me when he has ever killed someone!”
    Your analogy is just... wow. I'm just going to disagree and leave it at that. 
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  • 805 - The Bells

    LordBy said:
    I’m okay with the Danny stuff; not thrilled, but I think it was earned.

    Clegane bowl? Decent.

    Grey Worm? Okay.

    Varys stuff? Okay.

    Tyrion stuff? Okay for the most part, but not entirely.

    Qyburn? Not okay.

    Arya stuff? Not okay at all. Oh so the hound said I was going to die so I bail? I think not. Looks like she’s going to kill Danny too, and that would be too much.

    Jon stuff? Maybe okay depending on next episode. If he doesn’t kill Danny, then it’s a fail.

    Cersi and Jamie stuff? Not really okay.

    Dothraki stuff? There should not be any surviving Dothraki, I watched episode 3, they’re all dead.

    Davos? Did Tyrion really just ask Davos to leave a boat and that’s it?

    So next episode the only people on Danny’s side will be the Unsullied and the Dothraki. The foreign invaders. Not great guys. Crazy women and immigrants need to be defeated by men of honor and the patriotic natives? Really not great.

    These are the same guys who wanted to make a TV series about the south winning the civil war. <span>:lol:</span>
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