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  • 908 - Evolution (Fan Edition) - Spoilers

    Michelle said:
    She's talking to the others like she's the HBIC, but who appointed her such? 

    That aside, I'm really interested to see what happens now that [ spoiler ] [...].  My exact words at the end were "ohhhh shit....oh no". :worried:
    From the 2nd half preview, the Bad Events during the time jump will be at least discussed if not shown.  That should probably explain how she became the leader.

    The [ spoiler ] is another good sign for the show.  We knew it was going to happen, having it happen so soon sure beats drawing out the time until it happens.
  • 908 - Evolution (Fan Edition) - Spoilers

    Angela Kang saves TWD.  Best episode of TWD in years, maybe in nine years.  The group finding, fighting, and figuring out the [...] was solid entertainment.  My only issue is the lighting of some of the scenes with Daryl, Jesus, Eugene, and Aaron on the road using the flashlights seemed too well-lit but that could be my setup.
  • 906 - Who Are You Now? (Fan Edition)

    Nancylyn said:
    As for little RJ, I’ll chalk it up to bad casting. The child looked too young but maybe when we finally see him dressed and in the light and interacting he’ll turn out to be 5years old. 
    Or maybe the show runners are more concerned with RJ looking too old in a couple of seasons, so they cast someone on the young side.
  • 905 - What Comes After

    Michelle said:
    Gimple just confirmed that this is the end of Rick Grimes on TWD.  But it's not the end of his story,  They're creating AMC feature films and his continuing story will be part of the AMC feature films.  But he won't be back on TWD.
    I think AMC should make a movie.  It should star Jon Bernthal and be called Deputy Shane Walsh and the First Nine Days of The Walking Dead.

  • 903 - Warning Signs

    Dare I say the first 3 episodes are some of the best of the series?
    [...] three good episodes in a row [...]

    These three episodes were sent to reviewers early, so they may be ringers.  If the next three maintain real forward momentum and don't become slow-motion talkfests, I'll be more willing to believe the show has changed for the better.

    Really would like the show to be working well before the next bad guy from the comic shows up.  Unlike the Saviors, there's a couple seasons worth of good, tense storytelling possible with them.