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  • 805 - The Big Scary U

    Also, the writers have zero faith in the audience if they have to explicitly discuss getting sick from guts the scene before Gabriel gets sick from guts.
    Except nobody in TWD or FTWD has gotten sick from wearing walker guts before, IIRC.


    The helicopter is worrying -- is Heath back to save the day?  Are they introducing some new big bad before the fight with Negan is over?  Is some military outpost going to join the fight?
  • Death in Paradise

    Yes, it's nothing deep but it is enjoyable.  I'm not sure about the latest detective (Ardal O'Hanlon); maybe the writers have yet to figure out how to write him.

  • Fear The Walking Dead Season 3

    Season 4 is worrying though - the showrunner is leaving and being replaced by two new ones, and Gimple is joining as an executive producer. Can FTWD survive that kind of regime change and avoid falling into the same traps as the original show?
    I'm sure it hurt Gimple's ego to have FTWD upstage his show just through better writing (FTWD must have an even tinier budget than TWD).  Maybe in S4 everyone ends up in Texas and Abraham chomps cigars and romances Madison until Rosita turns up.

    What I really liked in FTWD so far is the inventiveness on a story level.  It felt like in every episode there was something I'd never seen in all the other zombie shows and movies.  That's why I keep telling people that even if the first season didn't win you over, if you are a zombie fan it's worth watching S2 and S3.

  • Mindhunter

    I think Holden is supposed to come across as awkward.  For the show he seems deliberately modeled on (pre Benedict Cumberbatch) Sherlock Holmes.  Take the scene where he analyzes his GF for ex.

    Tench is the most interesting character for me.  You can see he's under enormous stress but he still manages to barely keep from exploding.

    I wonder how they will handle Dennis Rader in season two.
  • Fear The Walking Dead Season 3

    Personally I thought the first season (a whole six episodes) was weak, but S2 and S3, while they had their ups and downs, are far superior to the last several seasons of TWD.  Even if you aren't crazy about the characters, it's hard to ignore how much faster the plot moves in FTWD than TWD.  If you haven't watched S2, I suggest giving it another try, even if you only pay attention when Nick is on screen.  His journey that season was great.