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  • TV Recomendations

    I hadn't put any thought into a projector. I'll have to read that article and take a look, thanks.
    I have an earlier Benq short throw projector than the one mentioned in the article and really like it.  DVDs and standard Blu-rays look great to my non-expert eyes; even 3D works well.  Besides 4K, the only gotcha I've found is projectors don't like power fluctuations, so if you get one I would put it on a UPS.
  • Turns out Chris Hardwick is a POS

    WarpFox said:
    I'm not a lawyer, but if she releases what evidence she has, and this thing later becomes litigious, then that "evidence" would probably be inadmissible, I think.
    No, should still be admissible.  There would be a concern that the other side would have seen the evidence earlier than they would have otherwise and had more time to prepare a rebuttal of it.

    I'd like to see us as a society/culture move toward some sort of process or procedure for evaluating these kinds of accounts that reflects our values, not the current situation where someone can destroy someone else's life with an accusation.  Because if it stays at that level, these accounts that aren't cut and dried will all end up in court.  Should dating involve showing proof of lack of mental health issues along with lack of STDs?  Does staying with someone after questionable actions imply consent WRT their actions?  After all, there is a spectrum of activities and norms consenting adults engage in.  And if you believe in equality then there is equal agency and perhaps responsibility.  What does "no means no" mean if you don't say "no"?  There have certainly been repulsive and horrifying accounts, but there have also been "I didn't say anything at the time, but now I'm unhappy with his and my actions back then, so he should lose everything" accounts that seem unreasonable.
  • Westworld Speculations, Theories, Etc. (no spoilers, but anything else is fair game)

    tpelzy said:
    I just had a random thought and I wanted to get it out before the episode starts. By the present day in the show Ford says they've cured every disease. But Mr. Delos is still dying of some disease just a few decades earlier. How did they get so far in 30 years.
    Nice idea about the hosts, but just as an example, 30 years ago, AIDS was a death sentence even in first world nations.  Now it's a serious condition to be managed.  https://nypost.com/2014/03/19/beating-aids-how-medical-innovation-ended-a-death-sentence/

  • Westworld Speculations, Theories, Etc. (no spoilers, but anything else is fair game)

    If a robot is given two opposing paths of equal priority to follow in its programming, they should have an error and shut down and go into a loop or something.
    Writing as a programmer, if you had a case where some code evaluated two paths as equally important, most programs would just pick one as they are equivalent based on the evaluation criteria.
  • First half of Season 8 wrap up cast

    He lost a bet with Daryl and has to take all of his showers too.

    More seriously, I think I've read women fans commenting on certain male actors looking good that way.