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  • 603 - "Oathbreaker" - spoiler thread!

    I was just watching through the little featurette thingys for Game of Thrones on the HBO website and it made me laugh out loud when David Benioff said they didn't want to do flash back scenes because that's "lazy writing". So...instead they create scenes which aren't properly set up and contextualized for a non-book reading audience and then literally (literally!) have Bran and the Three Eyed Crow stand on the sidelines pointing out characters and word vomiting exposition.

    Benioff makes me want to slap him upside the head sometimes.
  • Season 2 of Broadchurch is on Netflix

    Broadchurch was also my first exposure to Tennet in a large capacity (I had seen in Harry Potter before that but that was it). I really enjoy his subtle protrayal of the character. I have a soft spot for the damaged "seen-to-much" character. I know it's a trope, but I can't help myself.

    I thought the British courtroom was set up weirdly too haha. But I didn't find those scenes overall annoying. I didn't like either of the defense...solicitors(?) as characters but I thought the main defense attorney, who was previously mentored by the prosecutor was a powerhouse actress. Wow! When she was going at a witness my jaw was hanging open.

    I need to rewatch season 2. I binged it, and now I'm thinking about it, there are a few questions I have that I can't remember if they answered satisfactorily. Binge watching is not conducive to good critical analysis haha

    One of the questions I have is...why did the guy playing Lee think he was Timonthy Olyphant? That guy just really wants to be the British Timonthy Olyphant. Lee standing around creepily did get old after a while. I just wanted one completely silent scene of him just trying to pick the best spot to stand creepily.
  • 210 - "I Live Here Now"

    I was also half expecting Patti to pop out of nowhere and be like "surprise, motherfucka".