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    In regards to the question about Saul (or more accurately, Gene) working at the Cinnabon out of all the possibilities for a place to go and a job to have: 

    In Breaking Bad, before the scene where Saul says the line about "best case scenerio I'll be managing a Cinnabon", we get a scene of Saul getting prepped by the Disappearerer, and when Saul looks at the computer screen, he asks "Nebraska, whose in Nebraska?" and the guy says, "You. From now on."

    So, before Saul has that scene with Walt, he already knows he is going to Nebraska. My theory is that, sitting down in that bunker with Walt, Saul was probably already thinking about what he was going to do once he got there, and he came up with a plan to live in Omaha and get some regular guy 9-5 job. 

    He probably just said the Cinnabon thing as a throwaway line to Walt, but maybe once he got to Omaha, there really was an opening for a Cinnabon manager. This is a coincidence, but not nearly as big of one as Saul randomly saying that line and then ending up in that job and place. 
  • 4.04 Talk

    Quick Question: What does the Villigan have against group therapy?? He loves having characters unload in group therapy lol
  • 4.02 Breathe

    So I was watching the little Inside the Episode (or whatever they call them) video for episode 2, and Bob Odenkirk said that the two guys in the interview for Neff reminded Jimmy of his father, who was also a bit of a rube. I love that, and I think it makes the scene make a lot of sense. 
  • 704 - "Spoilers (ha) of War"

    Watching this episode got me thinking about Bran. A.ron and Jim have said that Bran is weird with the people around him now because of his visions and the knowledge that got downloaded to him from the weirwood network, with A.ron going so far as to compare Bran to a "high functioning" autistic person (which was more than a little cringey). 

    But this episode made me question Bran's motives for acting the way he does. I mean sure, Bran can see everything that has or might happen, but that doesn't mean he understands how to properly act so that he doesn't effect timelines or outcomes. Maybe he has pulled away from people out of fear that his actions will have ripple effects. Yeah, Sansa and Meera might be angry at him for having little diplomacy, but perhaps that was the only way Bran knew to handle those situations without effecting anything. The only overt thing we have seen him do this season is give Arya the dagger. In the same scene that he gives her dagger, it is revealed that he thought she was going to King's Landing until she changed her mind. Bran chose an overt action with Arya, because Arya needed direction, and it probably puts her on a certain timeline or path that Bran thinks is best. 

    I'm not even sure if that made any sense, but whatever, this episode was amazing! 
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  • Atomic Blonde

    This really feels much more gender-bent John Wick to me, with a mix of Bond thrown in, not like Lucy which had a much different look and feel and wasn't as grounded in a set reality as this seems to be. The only similarity I see between the two is a female lead in an action genre. The cinematography is obviously a lot like John Wick but it also really reminds me of Drive too for some reason. Some people have compared it to Salt but the difference there is that this character has always been written as female, and this feels much more grungy and gritty. Like I said, I don't think the plot of this movie will win any awards or anything but I am very down for a badass female action hero that kicks ass.

    I think we need all kinds of female characters. We need in-depth multidimensional characters that are realistic and relatable, evil women, nurturing women, ass-kickers, etc. This is an ass-kicker and one that seems already iconic in her look and feel which is notable in this world of franchises and reboots and sameness. The raunchiness of the trailer, and presumably the film as a whole will limit the audience it can have, but I think this movie won't have any problems ascending to cult status quickly.
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